Inspirational writing takes place when someone working with you in spirit inspires you with words of spiritual guidance, sometimes for yourself, others close to you, or for the world. This can come in many different forms such as poems, simple words, music, art or writings.

"Allow spirit to draw close to you and inspire you in a way that allows you to draw upon potentials you did not know you had."

Many songs that have been written have inspired us, brought out emotion or reminded us of a loved one and this is no coincidence. Artists such as Elvis Presley and John Lennon have inspired millions through their music.

This is also the case with poetry or story telling. There have been many people that have been inspired by spirit. Their words have inspired many in the world and brought much comfort.

Being able to pass on the words of spirit through writings or poems is both an honour and a privilege. Never be afraid to trust your feelings because they can help others. Those few words may seem silly to you, but to someone else, they may mean a lot and they may be needed at that point in their lives.

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Natural Law

I was chatting to some people the other night about various aspects  of spirituality and religion and one of the questions thrown at me was, "Why does God let little children die?"
It is a question many ask as they set out on their spiritual pathway and maybe you have been asked this question too.

As I was about to answer the question I remembered a story that a close spirit friend of mine had once told me about himself. It is a very simple story and may not appeal to some but for me it helped me to find another piece of the simple jigsaw of spiritual truths and I was honoured also that he confided it to me.

My friend is a North American Indian and lived on this earth plane something like 2000 years ago. He told me of how one day his village was attacked and the outset was that he and his tribe had been forced to flee taking with them their wounded. Among the wounded was his seven year old daughter who had been cut quite badly. The medicine men ministered to her and my friend and his partner called on the spirit healers to help but her wound was badly infected and she became gravely ill.

My friend decided to go to the mountains and call on the Great Spirit for his help. He promised the Great Spirit that he would try harder in life and strive to be a better person if the Great Spirit would save his daughter.

He returned to his family and his tribe but a few days later his little girl died.

My friend was of course grief stricken and decided to go back to the mountains and again call on the Great Spirit and ask why he hadn’t been able to help him.

As he meditated and prayed he heard a voice call his name. The voice told him that the world is ruled by Natural Law. If there was to be divine intervention for one child, there must be divine intervention for all children. This would turn the Natural Laws on their heads and chaos would ensue.

When we decide to return to the earth plane, we come here knowing that we live but also that we must die. Some die painlessly and peacefully, some die in great agony and torment. Some die young and some die old.

When someone is sick, the healers from the spirit realms can come close and administer their healing to help the spirit within the physical body. Sometimes this cures the physical and sometimes it doesn’t. This is what my friend had to understand and what he readily accepted. Natural Law is perfect and cannot be set aside or altered.

Before we return to walk this earthly journey all this is familiar to us but is forgotten when we enter the physical body.

This earthly walk brings with it lots of hardships for all and much suffering for many, but it is the strength of the spirit within, the real you, that has the resources to overcome and it is through these hardships that the spirit progresses and evolves so that when you go home to the spirit realms you are a stronger, brighter spirit.

I suppose the beauty and the irony of it is, when the physical dies and we go home to where we are free and without pain and suffering, we then contemplate doing it all over again.

Written by Jimmy Gilliard.



I have a dream that I wish to share,
All that I have seen in you, you no longer have to bear.
Dreams are hard to follow, but I have faith in you,
Together we shall get through.

Step by step, you have fought, all that is good within you,
Now do not let go as time is near and into the blue.
All you may need is love and the light that shines bright,
So reach out and don’t let go, for I have much might.

There will be times of hardships and pain,
And at times you will feel, what have I gained?
But always work in truth and from the heart and in the name of love,
For I have seen much good in you, you are a shining light from above.

There are many here that draw close to you,
So don’t think you are alone and you know what you must do.
There are some that wish to hold you down and say angry words as if you are prey,
But with the light that is within you, you will keep them at bay!
The journey ahead may be hard and long,
But together I will hold this burden and I will keep you strong.
Dreams are what keep the worlds light bright,
And soon my friends your dreams will be fulfilled and this is in sight.

So don’t always worry or think you may not have done enough,
And at times I have seen that you have had it tough.
But through these experiences of life, good and bad,
You will soon realise these were lessons and you will be glad.
If you need me, just call out my name as I did long ago,
All that you have learnt and the wisdom has made you grow.

Share this knowledge with the world for they are ready hear,
Step by step you will change the world and the people of mankind will be sincere.
Now my friends the end is near and the new sun shall rise once again,
You will bring peace and harmony to this beautiful earth plain.

Written by Steven Hemingway.



I look high into the sky and see an eagle of strength and of love,
He is as bright as the doves sent from the clouds above.

The eagle always fly’s high into the midnight sky,
And in this I will always see the stars flicking nearby.

In this vastness of darkness there is always hope,
And in this I will always know that spirit are close to me to help me cope.

Proud and glorious gliding over the mountain top,
The eagle said “We never give up hope in you even when you wish to stop.”

We are your protector, your shining light,
We will stand by your side even when a battle is in sight.

Do not fight with words as if they are like prey,
Stand proudly and follow your hearts for each sunrise is a new day.

Many new changes are hard to follow and overcome,
Always remember your spiritual path and where you have come from.

Some changes are hard to accept and face,
But always be humble and always try and to embrace.

Through the times of change and moments of uncertainty,
Always remember to trust your feelings and embrace the eternal harmony.

Try not be clouded by those that are not as bright,
Always do your very best and follow the Great Spirits light.

You cannot change the way people are,
Our brother and sisters must find their own way even though this may be a far.

My brother and sisters of this beautiful world you must all stand together as one,
To help each other and to love each other surely this should not take long.

There will be many moments of despair, tears of sadness and pain,
But these are life lessons that you have all chosen to learn on this earth plain.

You cannot change the world into the purest of lights,
For this will take time, take one step, and give all your might.

There may be many things you do not understand,
But do not always worry because some things are the mystery of lands.

You should all stand proud for all that you do and share,
We will stand with you and take away the burden you know longer have to bare.

Take those quiet of moments to reflect your past gone by,
Never let the darkness of the night get you down for you must always try.

Change brings new beginning’s and brushes away the old and into the new,
Always move forward for there is always hope and this is what you can do.


Written by Steven Hemingway.  Inspired by Spirit.


Circle of Life

Deep in a meditation of peace and of light,
I saw a beautiful Native American Indian who came within my sight.

He reached out in friendship and kindness and pure love,
I knew deep inside that this beautiful Indian came from the brightest clouds above.

On this beautiful shore as the waves hit the silver sands,
I walked with him in peace walking hand in hand.

I felt the warmth of his shining light,
Even his words of wisdom made me feel I was no longer in the darkest of nights.

As we continued to walk within the rays of the glittering sun,
I began to feel I was back home and this is where I belong.

The Native American Indian said that I had much work to do,
He said ‘we all know that your light is of a beautiful few’.

As we walked together over the sandy hill tops,
I began to see within the distance of his village and the golden fields and crops.

He said to me to sit beside him in peace and in light,
He reached down and picked up the sand with all his might.

This is the Earth he said, in which you were born,
And now one day when you will return and your family will surely morn.

But as you will return back home when it is your time,
We will rejoice here in spirit as you will take that first step and take the climb.

As the Native American reached out and started to draw a circle in the warmth of the sand,
He said that all mankind should always try and walk hand in hand.

We are all spirit within that should live as one,
There is always hope that one day mankind can live in peace and we know this can be done. 

The circle of life cannot be broken or torn away,
We know that mankind has lost his way.

We must all remember that we are all spirit made up of love and of light,
We must embrace that we are all brothers and sisters and we should stop this fight.

This world is not just for mankind,
But also for all its creatures and trees who must also progress and find.

The Earth is for all who seek peace and love,
Even the darkest of spirits deserve the peaceful dove.

We should never judge but always shine your lights,
Always reach out in friendship even when your fellow man is in the darkest of nights.

Battles cannot be won with anger, envy, or pain,
At times you may feel what have we truly gained?

Throw down the weapons of judgement, jealously and greed,
Always forgive each other and always do good and we know you will all succeed.

The change in which you would like to see within the world must first start with you,
Share these spiritual truths and follow your heart and you will then know what you must do.

Written by Steven Hemingway.  Inspired by Spirit.


The Butterfly

I’ am a spirit of beauty, a spirit of kindness, and a spirit of colour.
I often roam silently across meadows and forests alike.

Searching for beauty that I see within all mankind.
I’ am a spirit of transformation: from egg to caterpillar, to pupa to butterfly I ‘am a representation of spiritual growth and spiritual awakening.

Long ago, as a great light made me so,
I entered the world as an egg attached to a leafy branch.

As I lay silently waiting for my time to come,
I wondered patiently for the Great Spirit to set me free.

As I hatched away from the protection my mother gave,
I began my journey as a caterpillar and the Great Spirit said you must be brave.

I have now become a caterpillar of strength a reminder that change is on its way,
‘This is the time’, said the Great Spirit, ‘time of learning and reflection, so take one step day by day’.

As I began to spin, I wrapped myself in a cocoon; this was a time of healing, a time of getting in touch of my higher self.
As I lay high above in silence and transformation I became at peace with oneself.

Now that I lay deep within, I have left all things old behind.
This was a time of new beginnings and the Great Spirit was kind.

The Great Spirit said that I must trust and embrace all that is to come,
‘Never forget’, said the Great Spirit ‘where you have come from’.

So as I lay silently waiting to break free,
 I began to break away all my fears and allow the entire world to see.

I am now transformed of who I was meant to be, nothing holding me back and I wish only to set the world free. 

The Great Spirit said that I have much work to do. 
‘You have returned to give mankind a little hope and this is what I knew’.

So as I began to take my flight I raised my wings and flew high into the sky.
As I silently entered man’s world I only saw pain and suffering and I asked the Great Spirit, ‘Why’?

The Great Spirit replied with a gentle voice: ‘This is why you have returned,
And mankind has much more to learn,

Sometimes my gentle butterfly; all spirits need a helping hand,
Not long ago I helped and guided you too and this what I planned’

So my beautiful butterfly as I let you go,
Show the world and allow your light to glow’.

Written By Steven Hemingway.