Wet Energy

Can you see Orbs, wet energy and string energy forming?  We use various tools within the physical room to experiment on manipulating the condition of the room. We use a basic camera to capture this type of energy forming.

We have found that wet energy is all around us. It is within the air that we breathe, within our bodies, the trees, animals and the ground. We have often been called a wet world because everywhere we go there is water. Our bodies are made up of over 65% of water. We can see this water around us and we can touch water.  However, there is also water that we cannot see such as the water molecules in the atmosphere. 

We need to drink water because it gives us life and when we drink water, it is converted into energy. This energy is not wasted, it is converted and formed in other areas. Some people too have the ability to sense where water is and some equipment can be purchased to find water too. This means that water consists of vibrations and energy signals. Animals have the ability to find water either by smell or by sense. Some animals can pick up this water frequency and find water.

Another picture taken within the physical room.  This time we use red light and steam.  The results were very interesting indeed. Can you see the red string energy at the side of the chair?

At the Einstein Initiative we have found that creating an environment for spirit manifestation to occur, conditions have to be just right. Because water molecules are all around us, spirit can use these natural elements to manipulate the conditions of the room or area to show themselves. The way spirit will do this is by condensing the water in the air and form shapes. We have also found that it is important to create and maintain the environment that spirit manifestation will occur.

Of course, these conditions not only have to be just right, they have to be as natural as possible. We too have the ability to send out forms of energy to an area or a particular person. In our experiments we have found that this physical energy can be given willingly but not taken forcefully. We all have the ability to feel this wet energy around us. Natural areas such as forests are the perfect place to feel this wet energy. Trees and plants are excellent in taking this water and converting it into wet energy. The best time to feel this wet energy is early in the morning because that is when trees and plants are programmed to take water as energy.

This picture was taken at the Dudley Hotel.  Can you see the energy on the wall forming?  What can you see?  We conduct various field trips throughout the year, staying at various locations.

Steam is another form of wet energy. We have tried examples of creating steam within a physical room to try and manipulate an environment that is as natural as possible. This is only possible because steam is water vapour and the water molecules are heated up in a way that is best suited to show spirit to us. The steam will stay in the room for a matter of minutes and during this time, spirit will try and show themselves through the water vapour (steam.)  Steam is just one of the elements needed to show that spirit exist.  Our experiments have also shown that spirit can manipulate the temperature of a room and this can be seen as cold, moderate or warm. In the case of water energy, water molecules behave differently in each of the temperature conditions. 

What can you see within the photograph?

We must also consider lighting as an important component, particularly in applying this to wet energy. By using various techniques, we have found that different strengths of lighting and different coloured lights have different effects on wet energy. Our experiments are designed for us to physically see spirit in front of us. We have also concluded that the flash of a camera is an important and good source of energy. The flash of a camera takes place within a few seconds but it is powerful enough to take pictures within the physical room, particularly when experimenting with wet energy.


What you can expect to learn at the Einstein Initiative School


Poulton Crematorium 2014.  Evening field trip. 

Have a look at some of these photographs that were taken.  What do you think?  What do you see?

This picture was taken at our local graveyard.  On many occasions we have captured some very interesting energy formations and orbs.  Here within this picture you are able to see white mist.  If you look closely you are able to see various faces.

This picture is filled with different colour orbs.

This picture was taken on our Spiritual Remembrance Day.  We did not realise how much energy was around until we took these amazing pictures.  We concluded that what we can see within this picture are two mockingbirds.  Can you see them too?

This picture is filled with thousands of orbs!  We have however questioned whether or not what you actually see is spirit themselves.  We are continuing experimenting on finding the truth behind orb formations at various conditions.

Here you can see millions of Orbs.

Can you see the orb on the lantern?

Magnetism: The Human body- Coming soon

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Transformic Transfiguration Energy

Transformic Energy is energy created by us and our friends in spirit who always work by our side,
Always go with the flow of the river and take in this knowledge within your stride.

Like a tank filled with water and energy compressed,
Our physical room is like a laboratory always learning lessons and conducting tests.

Transformic Energy is energy that can be transformed and manipulated,
With all this new knowledge that we have learned we all think we are sophisticated!

Transformic Energy has been captured on camera and this is why we know,
Step by step our brains have really truly begun to grow!

On these magnificent pictures of number 1 4 8,
We all know that our work truly began with our friend called Kate.

Creating this type of energy I know can take time,
But we have had the patience and now we are truly taking the climb.

We use many different pieces of equipment such as the coloured lights,
Transformic Energy is best seen within the colour blue and in the darkest of nights.

Using the cabinet as a form of storing energy and focusing our eyes in the tent,
The light that shoots from the top towards the physical medium can be manipulated and bent.

In all the work in which we do and work towards,
Is all for showing the world that there is life beyond this vibration and this is mankind’s reward.

Transformic energy is often seen like a deep sea diver in the depths of the ocean floor,
Like bubbles floating from the tank as it opens the physical and spiritual door.

Not many spiritual guides can do this work so we have many friends from other worlds that have helped and guided us.
There are even some things we do not understand but this is why we must always question and always discuss.

Step by step, new energies are discovered and new ones are still to be found,
But we must all believe that we have truly gained new ground.

Transformic Energy consists of mainly Wet Energy and matter,
The Energy created is so delicate it can sometimes shatter.

Like a piece of blue tack,
Transformic Energy can be stretched and then taken back.

The aim of creating this unique energy form,
Is in the hope that spirit are able to truly transform.

Written By Steven Hemingway. Inspired by Spirit.