What is knowledge?

Knowledge is something that you gain throughout your life through the experiences that could be called, "the school of life." There are many other ways of acquiring knowledge, usually starting very young learning from your parents and family. You then progress very quickly when you start school where you assimilate vast amounts of knowledge which will be used in later life.

You leave the educational environment and start in the workplace and continue to acquire knowledge. You then reach an age of wanting to join with a partner and have a family. Although you think you have the knowledge to do this because you have had the experience of growing up within a family, you now find that it is not as easy has you had thought and are now gaining more knowledge and understanding of life from a different perspective. Good or bad, all knowledge and experiences are good for you if you learn from them and adjust accordingly.

Now it is time for you to leave the physical body behind because for whatever reason your spirit has now left it. What happens to all that knowledge you have acquired in your lifetime? It is all stored within the spirit along with many other lifetimes of knowledge and this is what we call progression. While in spirit, you are acquiring knowledge as well because it is an on-going process. Knowledge is past, present, and future. Truth is only of the present because the truths of today may not be the truths of tomorrow. The knowledge of tomorrow may change the truths of today.

What is Understanding?

We need to remove from our minds that other people are the source of understanding. Too often we look to other people such as teachers, professors, priests or books to give us understanding but true understanding comes from within.

We can get experience one of two ways. By either observing the lives of others or through the school of hard knocks in our own lives and our mistakes or failures. Or, we can gain understanding the easy way through the testimonies of others.

True understanding is a gift present within us all and we try to use that understanding but, at some time in our lives, our natural understanding will fail us and we will fall flat on our faces. Understanding, knowledge and truth comes from within, we just have to be open to our inner spirit, it is there within us all.

Our Physical Experience

“The world is our oyster, take every opportunity to learn and progress.”


Every day we experience new things in life, good and bad. We have good times and we have bad times and that is life. Life is like a roller coaster. New experiences will help us progress and in turn help us understand and gain new found knowledge throughout our time on earth. Many ask, "What happens to our knowledge and experiences?" Well, we assimilate vast amounts of information and knowledge every day. This knowledge, and our experiences, are downloaded if you will via our physical brain to our spiritual sub consciousness.

Our time on earth is relatively short. We are physically born, and then over time our physical body dies and our spirit returns back to the spirit world. Many ask, "Well, what is the point of returning to the earth plane?"  "Why cant we experience and learn and understand in the spirit realms instead of the earth plane?" Well, that is quite a simple question to answer. 

Of course in spirit we learn, understand and experience as well.  However, because there is no time in spirit, things often move and progress at a much slower rate. Well, what is the rush when you dont physically die? Well, there isnt but do not be confused with the perception of time because there is much more we still yet need to understand. In the short term, we return to the earth plane because it gives us more of an opportunity to learn and experience. 

Many scholars, over the years, have described our physical bodies as a vessel. Our spirit controls this vessel (our physical body) to learn, progress and understand. We cannot simply take off when we feel like it and disappear. Well, we could but that would defeat our goal and plans. If you will, the learning and experiencing process on the earth plane is perhaps considered more condensed.  

In order to gain new knowledge and understanding, what better way than to experience these things in life which will give you that knowledge. We must also remember that we are all on different journeys and paths and we learn and progress at different rates. 

Residual Energy.

Our Theory on: The creation of our spirit in relation to residual energy.

This theory also considers the reincarnation process. However, spirit have often called this process the 'Tree Lined Lineage'.

Question: How is residual enegry created? Is it created physically or spiritually? (the physical body or the actual spirit?)

Question: Can a spirit create residual energy?    No.
But it can create residual energy when the spirit is within a physical body. The spirit uses the physical body to generate residual energy.

Question: How and where does the spirit originate from?  Or how is the spirit born?

Example: If you have one atom and it splits into two you then have two atoms out of the original one. Just like twins, they are created from the same egg. You will then have two spirits. At this stage there is know female or male spirit: you just have two pure spirits.

Soul Partners.

The soul partner originates from the feelings and emotions that you have between each other. You and your soul partner are beyond love and you are created from the one source.  The compatibility that you have is a compelling magnetic feeling that you have for each other that can never be broken. Therefore spiritually you are connected with one another which is eternal.

Example: If you have an orange and cut it in half you then have two parts of an orange which is identical inside and out. If you put the two pieces together again it will be an exact match again, so you are both the same orange still, but in two parts.  However, as you learn progress and evolve and return to the earth plain you create what we call an 'ethnic body'. This is like layers of ‘past lives’ that is attached within your original spirit.  Even though you may spiritually originate from the same seed if you will, over time you become different from one another.  But this magnetic pull is for life and this pull is what we call 'Soul Partnership'.

Remember you will only be drawn to your soul partner not other soul partners. The magnetic signature of your half will only match theirs and not someone else’s.

So let’s go back to the origins of your spirit again and the time when you came to the earth plain for the very first time.

Remember where there is light there is dark- this is the natural law of progression.

Question:  When you are created as a spirit do you start as a lower spirit or a higher spirit?

Question:  What is the main objective of a spirit? 

Answer:  To learn, understand, and experience, to progress your spirit to a higher vibration and to go to higher foundations.  Basically our aim is enlightenment and to enter the higher realms to the Great Spirit or what we call God.

Question: Is this the objective of unenlightened spirits?
What would be the best way for a spirit to progress?

Answer:  A spirit needs to learn all aspects of knowledge whether it be negative or positive.

It is better, quicker and more efficient for the spirit to learn the lessons in the physical body and to have more control over the emotions as they are more condensed within the physical body.

The physical body has often been described as a prison for the spirit. Many have often argued that we all start our physical progression in the lower realms.  But because there is free will and because we have not returned to the earth plain before we do not have the knowledge or understanding of what light or dark is.

Starting out on your first return to the physical body.

If there are 10 higher foundations and 10 lower foundations for example as part of the progression process and you wish to progress as a new spirit you will only be able to go up or down 2 foundations.   We call these different shades of light and dark.  Not every spirit is able to go to any of the levels for example.  This will depend on your light.  How to brighten your light is to learn progress and understand and most importantly experience life spiritually and physically.

Upon returning to the earth plain for the first few times you may decide to go to the lower realms or you may wish to go to the higher realms depending on advisement from spirit guides and helpers.  If we decide only to go to the higher realms we will only progress so far because we have only experienced, learned and progressed a small part of life if you will.  Our aims as a spirit remember is to try and learn as much as we can: we must make mistakes for example to learn by them.  How do we know the difference between right and wrong if we have never understood it or most importantly experienced the concept of right and wrong either.

What makes us male or female?

You have just been created and have split from the one atom and there are now two of you, and you are both pure spirits.

At this point there is know such thing as a male or female.  We are only defined as male or female through the physical connection we have with mother earth and as we return back to the earth plane.

Question:  Who decides to be male or female?

Answer:  Male and female gender is a physical thing and you both decide which you are going to be when you decide to re-incarnate on the earth planeEach soul partner must choose either to be a male or female.  You cannot both be a male or a female.

Question:  Why is it important to be male or female?

Answer:  The reproduction process for the continuance of the human race without which the spirit could not re-incarnate on this earth or the physical body survive without the spirit.

So the continuation of the human race on the earth is the continuation of the spirits progression.  You both decide what gender you feel to be either male or female.

The very first time you re-incarnate to a physical body your etheric body is what defines you either as a male or female.  You will in all probability the first 8-10 lifetimes re-incarnate at the same time as your partner- what we call soul partners.  Then as you progress you may on occasions come back separately for your own progression because you are an individual spirit.

Upon returning to the earth plain for the first time you will create a special link and relationship with the planet mother earth.  This first connection or as some suggest communication is through the brown Chakra.  The Brown Chakra is the first spiritual connection you will have to a physical body and the earth plain. It is like having your very first physical experience.

You will return to the earth plane many times.  During this time you will build a strong relationship with mother earth and in turn strengthen your brown chakra. You will return as a male or a female during your first 8-10 life time’s depending on what gender you have originally chosen to be.  It is highly unlikely to change sex from female to male or vice versa at this stage of your progression. As you will reincarnate many times, you will learn, progress, understand and experience.  When you physically die, all this knowledge is not lost but rather it is imprinted within your etheric body and spirit just like the rings of a tree if you will.

Just like the rings of a tree, each ring represents a year of life.  If we can compare this to our progression, each ring represents each life time we have had in the physical body.  Remember, there is know such thing as male or female as such: we are male and female because we are physically bound by mother earth.  Within the human race, there are only two types of people we can be, male or female.  Therefore, each life time we return to the earth plain as a male person for example, our etheric body will be imprinted as the character and personality of a male person.  If we were to peel away each tree ring, each tree ring layer will tell us a story of who we were in our past. Hence the term 'Tree Lined Lineage'.

Please note:  We call this the 'Tree Lined Lineage' of the gender you have chosen. You have created a relationship of energy with mother earth which is inseparable.

Question: Is the male and female body the same?  What apart from the obvious sets them apart from each other? Do you think that they create different energies?    

Answer:  Genetically you have similarities but your spirits are the same.  But the higher the spirit progresses you are not obliged to be connected to mother earth through the brown chakra.

Question:  Is it possible for a male spirit to return in a female physical body? If so, is it confusing to the spirit, or the physical body? 

Answer: If you are aware in the physical body and you are in full control, your spirit is aware of why you have come back in the physical body as either male or female.

Question:  What creates Residual Energy?

Answer:   It is the spirit as it is the catalyst that creates the residual energy within a physical body.

Question:  Why are emotions the most important part of the spirit?

Answer:  Because it is the expression of oneself.

Residual Energy- Emotions

When you cry it is the spirit expressing its feelings and emotions through the physical body, they are all the expressions of the spirit and not of the physical body. So when you cry it is the way that the spirit wishes to express itself. It is the relationship which the spirit has formed with its physical counterpart. Therfore the physical body provides certain tools for the spirit to use in order to express certain emotions.

The concepts of the Chakras are the glow torches of the physical and spirit and illuminates as different colours because it is energy generated by that of the physical and spirit. So colours are generated within the Auric Field because of emotions.

We are all spirit and we are all genetically the same so each person generates the same colour from the same chakra point.

Question: Why are chakras colours the same with each individual?

Answers:  This is because the chakra points are vibrating at the same frequency which denotes the colour of the energy that is projected outwards making the auric field.  All energy has its own colour.

It is the same concept with mother earth as well, it generates a magnetic particle acceleration from the north pole to the south pole on the east side and north pole to the south pole on the west side. This creates the continuation and cycle of the energy input of the 'Windmill Theory'.

Question: Is every person in the world a perfect being and in perfect alignment?  Why are one person’s main colours in an aura, brown and blue, yet another person’s main colour could be white and gold?  Why are we not all the same colours? Can your aura expand and contract at any given time? Can your environment manipulate your auric field?

Answer:  You will generate one or two main colours in your aura which will be your largest chakras throughout this lifetime because let’s say that your main colour you emit is green which is the heart chakra, that is because it is your greatest strength spiritually and is also your physical weakness.

Your auric field like the earth flows north to south or crown chakra to the root chakra but it is magnetic energy like the earths energy and generates an auric field itself, but it cannot be seen.
It is the vibrating energy of the chakras that gives the aura its colours.

It is the chakras that fire outwards pulsating energy not unlike the sun sending out solar flares, which is the Residual Energy through particular emotions. You are heightening or lowering high frequencies on a vibrational level depending on the emotional energy you are creating at that moment in time. The emotional energy created shoots out from the chakra points in the physical body like the solar flares do from the sun and is what we call Residual Energy.

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