“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact.  Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”- Marcus Aurelius.

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At the Einstein Initiative we strive to learn and understand spiritual and scientific concepts. However, our main aim and objective in all of our research is in the pursuit of the truth.

We recognise that what may be right today could change tomorrow.  What could be wrong today may also change tomorrow. Our understanding and perceptions of what we see, feel and experience changes every day too; it is, in essence, human nature to do so.  Therefore, we must keep an open mind and question what we see, feel and experience. This way, we will become more aware to distinguish between truth and lies.

"Our philosophy is based upon truth and honesty."

Today we are fed and bombarded constantly with information by governments, the media and social networking sites and this information can be accessed at any time. Globalisation has made it easier for people to communicate and share this information on a massive level. In effect, we are living in a much smaller world. Much of this information that we are being fed is quite simply another persons opinion, view or perception. Therefore, what can we believe to be true? Who is right and who is wrong? Only you will know. At the Einstein Initiative what we try to suggest is question everything. Use your senses to their full capacity and trust your instincts because they are normally right.

In relation to our work, we wanted to highlight this point so that you may understand our working philosophy. We try and keep our research as unbiased as possible and allow you, the reader, student or friend to decide what you "feel" to be right or wrong. Our aim at the Einstein Initiative is to prove or disprove some very important spiritual and scientific questions about life here and beyond. We hope that we will be directed to finding this truth so that we may have the opportunity to share and explore this quest with you, not only on a scientific path, but a spiritual one too. Remember friends, the truth is out there, together we can find it.