Trance Circle

We believe in the importance of making trance and physical mediumship more public and better known within the wider community.  Trance mediumship has been a key to our spiritual development over the past 32 years.  We have also gained much knowledge and understanding with the help of many spirits who have come through and guided and helped us in our progression.  Due to the lack of public demonstrations, it is our greatest wish to share this amazing phenomenon with the world.  With the guidance of spirit we have held many different trance and physical mediumship demonstrations over the past six months with great success!

Many spirits, over the years, have come through and shared their wisdom, kindness, healing, knowledge, and understanding to try and guide us in our spiritual and physical journey.  Also, many spirit friends have come through in our spiritual circle, not only to communicate with us, but it is also hoped that their words of wisdom are spread across the world and shared to all mankind.
With the help of spirit we have been developing trance and physical mediumship in the quest of providing further scientific evidence in the existence of life after physical death. 

Many well-known spirit friends have come through and communicated with us over the past 32 years. Spirit friends such as Silver Birch, Einstein, Darwin, White Eagle, Red Cloud, and many others have come through our trance mediums and shared their teachings with us in the hope of furthering our scientific and spiritual understanding.  Many people have asked why would a ‘famous’ person come through a trance medium and speak?  Why wouldn’t they?  We have been taught that there is no such thing as ‘famous’ in the spirit world.  We have always been taught that we are all equal, all brothers and sisters of this world and that many well-known teachers are in essence just like you and me.  However, what differentiate us to them are their expertise, knowledge, and understanding.  More so, spirit believes in helping all of mankind.  The beauty of trance mediumship is that you never know who will come through and speak.

We have always been taught to keep an open mind and this is very important when sitting for trance or when witnessing trance mediumship.  Rather than just emphasising on what the spirit is saying, we always trust our inner feelings, which can never be fooled.  Our trance and physical events are designed not only to share knowledge and messages from the spirit world, but also create some powerful and amazing energy.  We have found that during a trance or physical mediumship evening spirit will find this as an opportunity to draw really close to all those within the room.  What you will find, if of course you allow yourself to be open minded, you will start feeling different emotions and feelings.  During our special nights, many people have felt very emotional.  Some people have often seen the physical changes occurring with the trance and physical mediums.

We have also found that trance and particularly physical mediumship is an important three part partnership.  It takes a lot of energy for the trance mediumship to occur.  It can take many years of practice and meditation to get to the trance process.  All those spirit friends that choose to work with the trance medium must also adjust their vibration and energies so that the trance process can work and even then trance is never guaranteed.  We have always found that that we must do our 50% and spirit will do their 50%, and this is an important partnership.



A trance circle is a relatively new type of circle. However, trance itself has been going on for thousands of years. A good working circle should always have someone within the circle that is a trance medium as having a direct link and communication with spirit is important. Setting up a trance circle is not an easy task. You will still have to choose the right sitters and ensure the conditions of the room are just right. This really applies within every type of circle you wish to develop. At our school, we have extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of trance circle development.

What you can expect to learn at the Einstein Initiative School

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  1. Trance circle development.
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But what is trance?

Trance Mediumship

Trance mediumship is often referred to as, “deep trance” and the purpose of physical trance is to produce the materialisation of spirit. We believe there are as many as five levels of trance.

Level one deals with the process often called, “overshadowing” where the medium is aware of what he or she is saying but physically cannot move. Those being overshadowed must remember that it is not them that is speaking, it is the words of spirit being spoken and then transferred from spirit to the medium. This can be confusing for both the sitters and the physical medium at first. However, the key issues during this process are confidence and trust.  

Spirit are not directly using the voice box of the medium to speak during this level of trance but instead spirit are working and inspiring the medium to speak on behalf of spirit. In our experience, the medium going through the overshadowing process must remember to speak the words that spirit are giving them and to trust 100%. 

Level 2, deals with a light control of trance and is much deeper than overshadowing. Even at this stage, the medium will be aware of what is happening to them both physically and spiritually. People will feel, sense and experience different things at different times during the trance process, all depending on the individual.

Level 2 deals with areas of inspiration; clairvoyance, healing, clairaudience and clairsentience and the medium will be much more sensitive and aware of spirit and the changes they are going through both physically and spiritually. Normally at this stage the trance medium will still be aware of what is going on around them and the spirit that is working with them will have a much deeper and stronger connection with the medium. 

It should be noted that trance mediumship is also about awareness and building a strong relationship with the spirit guides who will be working with the trance medium. This is also strongly related to trust; knowing exactly how your spirit friends come forward with specific feelings and energies. This process can also be referred to as the development of spirit connection and relationship settings. During these stages the medium will create a strong bond and relationship with spirit guides and inspirers who will be working with the medium. In essence, this will be the time of building trust with your workers and guides. As importantly, it is vital that the medium as well as the sitters are aware of their guides names, descriptions, feelings and vibrations. It is also about familiarising yourself with your guides energies, feelings and perhaps smells, so that you can recognise who is drawing close at a particular time. 

Level 3 and 4 is often referred to as, “deeper level trance” where the medium will have little recall of what has happened and what has been said during a trance sitting. During this time the spirit of the medium will leave the physical body and allow another spirit to speak through the mediums physical body. Sometimes, the medium will still feel the energies and emotions of the spirit that has spoken through them.

The spirit will speak directly through the medium and sitters will be able to hear the difference between the mediums voice and the voice of spirit and also the different accents and dialects. Normally, this process will take time to develop and it is about constant practice. Spirit too will also need to get used to using the mediums physical body. Spirit will use every opportunity possible to practice using the physical body and this sometimes happens when the medium is sleeping. Spirit must also adjust their vibrations to those of the medium which can be quite difficult for spirit.

Critically, those wanting to pursue trance and physical trance mediumship must never practice or sit for trance on their own. The reason for this is because the safety of the medium is paramount and if anything were to happen then somebody the medium  trusts will be there to assist and help. This is why it is important that your sitters are carefully chosen and the medium not only has 100% trust with spirit but with the sitters as well. 

The last level of trance development is often described as, “very deep trance control” and this type of trance development is extremely rare and delicate. Trance healing, for example, is a type of very deep trance control. The development of this area for both the medium and the sitters can be very difficult to achieve because there are so many things that need to be done to achieve total physical manifestation. This is where the majority of physical spirit manifestations will occur including the forming of ectoplasm which will be discussed later within this manual.

Do you want to experience a medium going into trance or wish to set up your own trance circle? Do you want to simply know more about how trance works? Check out our events page or our school/course/workshop page. We offer a variety of different courses/events and workshops.