Testimonies- Workshops, courses, private and group readings.


Classes, workshops and private readings.

“Workshop very enjoyable and I have learnt a lot- more please! Have not heard of the Einstein project before but can now follow via the internet.  Thank you very much and hope to see you very soon to learn more”.

“The class was excellent.  I wish it was every weekend. Ace!!!!.”

“Had a great day, very encouraging.  Help me along my spiritual life.  Answered a lot of questions”.

“A very enjoyable day, not too much pressure to participate.  As a shy person would normally avoid anything with the word workshop.  Looking forward to the next course.  Thank you". Celia. Isle of Man.

“Excellent, fun but inspirational presentation throughout the day.  Thank you so much see you next time". Claire, Isle of Man.

“Great class- Lots of help for me. Thank you very much!". Judy, Isle of Man.

“Very good course full of information, very interesting can’t wait until the next one!!!! Wild- Black Elk over and out, many thanks". Ian, Isle of Man.

“Had a lovely day, learnt a lot, also about myself. Thank you so much". Sheila, Isle of Man.

“Really enjoyed the day.  Was just the right balance of learning and fun.  Not too deep in content, just food for thought and lots of things to think about and bring into everyday life.  Thank you both Roy and Steven you are both very generous". Pauline, Isle of Man.

“I would like to say first what an amazing gift Steven has. The reading I had contained evidence no one else could have known about but myself. I found the reading explained a lot of things going on in my life. It helped me in so many ways. I would highly recommend a very professional and true medium.” Emma, Blackpool.

 "Ive had a few readings off Steven and both times the readings have always been accurate and true to my loved ones". Julie, Blackpool.

"Thanks alot for the Workshop I enjoyed every bit of it. I wish it could have gone on for days. You and Roy explained to things in detail about most of the kind of things I wanted to know. I have read more stuff and still do as you suggested. I wish the workshop lasted for days lol!! The reading you gave me was excellent thank you. Hope to see you soon!!!". Skara, Isle of Man.

"Since joining the circle, I feel I have found the missing pieces to a puzzle. They have fitted together, and have answered so many questions I have had for years". Julie, 54, Blackpool.

Trance evening, Fleetwood March 2014.

A very interesting night.  Thank you.  Would be interested in doing it again soon.  Barbara, Fleetwood.

Very good indeed.  Hoping to see many more in the future.  Malcom, Cleveleys.

Had a wonderful evening.  Absolutely fantastic atmosphere, harmony was beautiful!  So very proud of you all, it’s lovely to see everything has worked out brilliantly and will continue to do brilliantly in the future.  Shelley, Blackpool.

Very Enjoyable.  Great to have a chance to see trance as there are not many who can do trance.  C, Chapman, Fleetwood.

Great evening, enjoyed the evening very much.  Eileen, Fleetwood.

Had a great evening.  Would love to come again!  Sarah, Fleetwood.

A wonderful evening.  Laughter and tears, but mostly love.  Thank you.  Pauline, Blackpool.

Really enjoyed the trance evening.  And look forward in coming to future events.  Thank you.  Allison, Fleetwood.

Very good.  Mary, Fleetwood.

A warm and friendly event.  My first time at this kind of meeting, so all new to me!  Debbie, Blackpool.

Really enjoyed the night.  A very good experience.  Hannah, Blackpool- 2014.

A very interesting and informative evening.  We were very impressed by the fluent German spoke by spirit- Lischke April 2014.

Thoroughly enjoyed it, can’t wait for the next Trance night- Sarah Evans, April 2014.

A very interesting and proved that there is life after physical death- Katy Adams, April 2014.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience of the evening.  I was amazed at the amount of spirit present this evening.  It was lovely evening full of love and light and laughter.  Susan Evans, April 2014.

A very interesting evening.  This was my first experience and will be coming back again.  Impressive spirits! Mandy Chapman, April 2014.

Brilliant! Anthony James, April 2014.

Energizing and uplifting, Paul Ogden, April 2014.

I really enjoyed this evening and I’ am looking forward to the next events.  We will be coming over and over again. 
Thoroughly enjoyed tonight, its changed peoples life and me. Kathy, April 2014.

Fantastic, really enjoyed it, will be back again soon, Sharon Hughes, April 2014.

Amazing. Left wanting more, love the work that you have all done and are able to do.  Its blown my mind.  Very much needed and to be seen by all, Angela Ogden, April 2014.

I enjoyed the evening very much- Ray Hutchinson, April 2014.

Thoroughly enjoyed this evening- Eileen Jaruis and Sarah Moseley, April 2014.