Techniques of protection

White light

Envisage a white light that you place around yourself. This is the most basic and effective form of spiritual protection and should be done every morning once you are awake or when you leave your home. This will give you spiritual protection for the day ahead.

You should also use this white light of protection when entering the homes of others or places such as hospitals.

If you forget to do this or feel uncomfortable in a situation it is never too late to place that white light of protection around yourself.

Waterfall of light.

Another technique is to envisage a waterfall over your doorway. A waterfall of light that any visitors to your home will walk through upon entering, protecting you from any unwanted energies. This will also protect you as you leave your home.

These basic steps of protection can make a considerable difference to how we deal with things that occur in our daily lives and protect us from negative influences.

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