Tarot Readings

Chris Stephenson is our main Tarot Card reader at the Einstein Initiative

Tarot card reading is another form of mediumship and at the Einstein Initiative we have helped many people develop their tarot card skills and abilities. 

We charge £20 per tarot card reading. Group bookings 5 or more people £15 per person

Mediumship has many genres, from standing up in churches to reading the tea leaves and the tarot is another of these genres. Some tarot card mediums may read purely from the pictures and their meanings to give messages. Other mediums will link in with spirit and use the cards as a way of establishing a connection with the person they are sitting for and the two things together enable them to give a reading. 

Where has the "Tarot" come from?

The ancient beginnings of the tarot are cloaked in mystery. We do know however that the earliest tarot decks emerged during the renaissance, probably in the fifteen century and were originally known simply as, “Triumphs” later to be called, “Tarocchi” which when translated into French became Tarot.

Something to think about

How can a telephone tarot card reading be as accurate as a face to face reading?

We also do Tarot Card workshops to help and guide those that wish to pursue their psychic or spiritual abilities and skills. Check out our course/workshop availability.