Spirit Guides

"You have one personal guide with you for all of your life. From the minute you are born until the minute you physically die, your personal guide will be with you."

Before we return back to the earth plane we do a lot of planning, organising and make many important decisions. One of those important decisions is who is going to be our personal guide while we take our physical journey? This guide will walk with us until we return back to spirit and we only have the one personal spirit guide. They are with us throughout our lives, surrounding us with love.

"The love your personal guide has for you is very powerful. Your guide will never judge you, only help and guide you on your earthly journey."

Even though our guides will walk with us throughout our time on the earth plane, they still have things to do and learn as well. They are not with us every minute of everyday but they are only ever a thought away. Our guides are very much like our other helpers and workers who will assist us in our everyday lives and will love us unconditionally no matter what we have done or said, they will always be with us.

Guides can work with us in many ways and have specific roles, some are serious and some have a fabulous sense of humour. Our guides will still have their unique personalities and traits which makes them who they are. In essence, they are just like you and me.

Guides can help in many different ways such as helping us find our true path and direction and are always there in the background cheering us on. They never judge us and will try and help us the best they can.

"Open your eyes, spirit will often leave signs."

The next question is how you can connect to your guides? One way to know who your guide is can be through meditation. When you start working spiritually you will have many guides, workers and helpers drawing close to you because you start opening up your spiritual mind. Therefore, there is a chance that you will start seeing, feeling and experiencing things on a very different level. However, your personal guide is no stranger to you. You know each other on a very special and emotional level and you will never forget this feeling. So, once you see, feel, or perhaps hear your guide you will know for sure that they are your personal guide.

"Guides are often refered to as guardian angels."

Once you are aware of your spirit guides you should never feel alone and you will know that you are walking your earthly life with your best friends beside you.

Frequently asked questions

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