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To book a treatment call:

Steven Hemingway on: 07541372445

Magnetic Healing


Treatment can last upto one hour

Magnetic healing can help with:

Do you suffer from?

*Muscle knots
*Muscle cramps
*Bone problems/ breakages
*Sport injuries
*Back problems/ injuries


*Knee problems

Then magnetic healing maybe for you


Native American Trance Healing

Please note this is a appointment only treatment


Treatment can last over an hour

The Native American Healing is a very special healing session.
Some patients have chosen this type of treatment before an operation or as a way to come to deal with emotional and physical problems.  It can also help with those that suffer from depression, anxiety, and stress.

How it works:

Our trance medium will go into a trance like state and allow their healing guides and workers to come through and conduct ancient healing ceremonies and rituals on the patient.  It is a very unique and special experience.

The healing ceremony is based around the medicine wheel.  The four main philosophies based around the medicine wheel are that we are all interconnected physically and spiritually.  We are a spirit within a physical body and therefore it is believed that spiritual imbalances and negativity can cause physical problems and blockages.  It is not only the responsibility of the healer that is there to help heal the body; the patient must do their part too.  We call this self-healing.


Another important part of the medicine wheel is the importance of herbal medicine.  Remember our bodies are our temple and must try and look after them as best as we can.  Prayer is a crucial part of the ritual, based around the concept that our spirit friends are close by us and that they are always there to help, guide, and heal us, we must only ask.  Sometimes we must sit in the silence and sit within our own thoughts to appreciate and understand the world around us.  The last part of the medicine wheel is the importance of meditation. 



Chakra Realignment


Treatment can last upto one hour


*Do you need an energy boost?

*Are you feeling low? Depressed and stressed?

*Do you need more positivity in your life?

*Do you want to feel more free?


Then maybe your Chakras need realigning

Our Chakras maintain a healthy and balanced system of energy that surrounds our entire physical body.  Our Chakras can get blocked for many different reasons: emotional stress, an injury, an accident and much more.  By realigning the chakra system, it will help strengthen the endocrine system, glands that are connected with each different chakra.   




Chakra Healing


Treatment can last upto over an hour

Frequently asked questions

1) How do Chakras affect me?
2) How do I know my Chakra is out of balance?
3) What does a blocked Chakra feel like?
4) What does a balanced Chakra feel like?
5) What has caused my Chakra to be blocked?

6) How can I open and close my Chakras?

Imbalances can occur when the physical body is overworked as a result of stress or while experiencing extreme emotions.



Full Magnetic Healing treatment


Treatment can last upto an hour


Magnetic healing helps with:


1) Helps strengthen the endocrine system
2) Helps alleviate chronic pain
3) Helps with circulation which is vital for your physical body.
4) Stimulation nutrient rich blood flow
5) Oxygenating the organs.
6) It also enhances our immune system.

The benefits are endless



How magentic healing works

Magentic healing can also help with

Tissue regeneration


Boosting the immune system to improve overall health



Sound Therapy


Treatment can last upto one hour


Sound Therapy is effective because it influences our emotional bodies (our spirit within).  We believe that emotional imbalances are the root behind many physical problems and blockages.  Sound and emotions are deeply connected.  Human emotions have their immediate expression through sound.  Sound can also be used to unblock the blocked emotions and release them with ease.

"Sound Therapy or Sound Healing is the use of sound to create balance and alignment in the physical body"

Sound Therapy helps with:

"It works on the basis that all matter is vibrating at specific frequencies, and sickness, disease, deppression and stress causes human beings to vibrate at a lower frequency"


Light Therapy


Treatment can last upto one hour

Light Therapy has many healing benefits to the physical body from energizing to influencing cells in our bodies to restoring vibrational balance within the Chakra system.

It is considered that light is like a nutrient, essential to the well-being of our bodies.  Light is composed of waves and vibrations.  Light is energy and therefore absorbing this type of energy is very good for our spirits too.

Are you having problems in?

How it works

Light and colour represent wavelengths of energy and energy.  There are two forms of absorbing light.  One is through our eyes and the other is through our Chakra system.  Both can influence our emotions, moods, and behaviours.  Each colour light works on a different vibration and frequency.  Remember that the universal language for the software of our brain is colour and sound.  The beneficial healing effect of these waves of energy and vibrations is they translate energy to our cells to repair the body.

Light Therapy can help

  Benefits also include



Crystal Healing


Treatment can last upto one hour

Crystal healing induces deep relaxation, releases stress, and pain, and promotes energy balance within the physical body.

"Crystals absorb, focus and direct and diffuse our energy fields to enable a diseased or out of balance body to find its nutrient energetic rhythm once again"



Spiritual Healing


Treatment can last upto one hour



Our Healing clinic is located at:

Fleetwood Market. Adelaide Street, Fleetwood. Lancashire. FY7 6AB.   Unit 160- 180


Frequently asked questions

How can I book my apointment?


Simple call Steven on: 07541372445  


How can I pay for my treatment?


We take cash and also card payments


How do I know which treatment is right for me?


If you are unsure what treatment you are drawn to, speak to one of our healers and we are here to advise which treatment maybe best for you.


How many treatments will I need to help with my physical or spiritual condition?

We believe that everyone is different and everyone will require a treatment that is best for them. Healing can take time and as an individual you must do your part too.

Part of the healing process is in self-healing. Physical illness are sometimes caused by spiritual, physical and emotional imbalances and blockages. A healer can unblock or help start the healing process, however, one treatment may not be enough. More so, it may be a good idea to evaluate why you are ill or what caused your illness or physical/ spiritual problem.

Part of Mahannah healing is to look at prevention rather than just the cure. Preventing our illnesses and physical problems is key to ensuring we maintain a balanced and healthy life.

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