Residual Energy

Residual energy was one of the first types of energy we became aware of.  Residual energy is often referred to as ‘past energy’.  Human beings emit vast amounts of energy every day, and this energy can be transferred, given or manipulated at different times and situations. This will depend on one major factor physical or spiritual emotions caused by the spirit and this will produce different residual energy types and energy formations.  Therefore on this basis it has been agreed that there are many different variations of residual energy depending on environmental settings and human behaviour. 

Residual energy can produce different colours depending on mood and emotions at that time.  It can also produce different levels of vibrations and frequencies, again depending on mood and emotion.

String Energy

String Energy is the outline of Condensed Energy. First steps of string energy are minute portals of energy that are wrapped spiral like around itself, to form what looks like string. You can, just like string, manipulate it.

This energy is made up of vapour energy which is water molecules. So, with the camera flash and different coloured lights we can condense this energy. It is so condensed that you see different lines and if you see different colours then you have different results.


Reflective Lighting Energy

Energy reflected off a mirror which is not absorbed through glass.
There are different forms of Reflective Lighting Energy sources. With a camera, it is an artificial light as you see in the picture. The correct conditions have to be created to achieve the best results and as you see it is like a star exploding.

What you can expect to learn at the Einstein Initiative School

Topics that are being taught at the Einstein Initiative School

Temperature Quantum Mechanics Theories

  1. Learn how a physical room can be developed and set up.
  2. Learn what dimensions and portals are.
  3. Learn how spirit can manipulate the conditions of a room and area.
  4. Learn about wet and dry energy and conditions.
  5. Learn about the earths energy and how it can be used.
  6. Learn about environmental manipulation techniques.

What do we mean by?

Introduction to the Pink Chakra - What you can expect to learn and understand.

Chakra Mechanics of the Spinal Cord Theory. What you can expect to learn and understand.

Learn about Energy Flare Effect Theory - closely related to the Pulsating Effect Theory.

The White Chakra

The Black Chakra

Condensed Energy - An Introduction

Mist is condensed particles of water molecules and when thick enough you cannot see through it. It is like steam coming from within the spirit which is 4 to 6 shades of white fading down to black. It is white leaving the spirit and through the etheric body and going darker as it goes.

The energy particles spread out like tentacles connecting to thousands of points in the physical body. The main plug-in points, if you will, are the main chakra points which are plugged in which then switches on to a particular colour depending on which part of the physical body. To be unbalanced in all the chakras will unbalance the physical and spirit alignment. When plugged in, the chakras all have their own colour so where does this energy come from? The spirit, which is light matter, connects to the dark matter of the physical, which is black, so when you combine white and black together it is the reason we make all the colours.

When you become more compassionate, have empathy, humility, surround yourself with peace and love you are progressing and becoming a brighter spirit. A less enlightened spirit is still white but not as bright, so by the time its light filters through to the etheric body then the physical body and plugs into the chakra points, the light is quite dark. As the spirit progresses, which can take many lifetimes in the physical body, it will become brighter. So, when the spirit reincarnates back to the physical body it has to condense and squash its energy down to a level where it can fit into the four dimensional physical body. Therefore, it is easier to control, easier to progress and understand and is why the spirit needs a physical body.

In relation to you taking over your physical body, your physical can be used, not only to live your life but to feel what your spirit is going through as well. For example, if you are feeling down and depressed your physical will tell your spirit, not that your physical is depressed but your spiritual energy, the mist, is getting mistier with time. Your physical can be used like a computer system to activate to say, right, that is going wrong, this is going right. Why am I feeling really good today?

Condensed Energy is often refered to as White Energy in relation to the physical body.

White Energy is a representation of pure energy.

Spirit, is white energy, and the colour is diluted from white to shades of creams and greys as it passes from the spirit through the etheric body surrounding the spirit which in turn is surrounded by the physical body.

What colour is Condensed Energy? It is black.
How is the colour black made? It is made with all the colours which is energy condensed down to one colour which is black energy.

Q. Where is black energy generated?
It is generated by the physical body in the absence of spirit energy.

Psychic and Spiritual Psychometry

Spiritual Teacher Maria Gosling

Part of or connected to: Residual Energy.

Concepts and theories in psychic and spiritual Psychometry and Physical Storage Energy.

Full title- 'Residual Energy and Obsidual Storage Energy'

Also consists on- 'Mimic loop Theory' in areas of 'Residual Energy'.


Obsidual Energy can be stored in areas using specific energy types.

Obsidual Storage Energy is when energy is stored within particular objects.

For an example:

Which is the most used objects in the world today that has collected the most Residual energy?



This is called Obsidual storage Energy but however different types of metals store different energy signatures.

Obsidual Storage Energy is the energy that is read by the medium when doing Psychometry. The medium has to be in tune to pick up the physical and psychic energies. Just like a medium that is working with spirit Clairvoyantly. Not every spiritual medium is psychic and not every psychic is a spiritual medium.There is a misunderstanding that all spiritual mediums are psychic which is not true.

How can certain metals and materials absorb this Obsidual energy?

Does a book or ring have a mind of its own?

There are two types of Residual Energy.

Spiritual Residual energy and Physical Residual Energy.

A personal object such as a ring will carry Spiritual Residual Energy and is a lighter vibration.Whereas a coin or money will carry Physical Residual Energy which is a heavier vibration.

It is done by human interaction the conscience and the subconscious which is physical and spiritual. Both spirit and the physical control an aspect of your life and if you have sentimental feelings for a ring you will automatically Imprint,which is a process we in spirit call Imprinting your energy which is Spiritual Residual Energy on the object.

Consciously you will be connected to specific areas such as garden tools, knives and forks,and to other objects you do not think to highly of which will carry Physical Residual Energy.

This topic outlines the following areas: 'Obsidual Energy' concepts and theories in psychic and spiritual psychometry and physical energy storage. This topic also covers: ' Mimic Loop' Theory in the area of residual energy.

Did you know that Obsidual Energy can be stored in areas using specific energy types. Also, obsidual storage energy is when particular objects can be stored within the energy itself.