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"At the Einstein Initiative our main mission is the quest to gain new knowledge and understanding through truth, love and honesty. This thirst for knowledge has brought us together in sharing this knowledge with you."

The Einstein Initiative Team

We are commited to providing a structured learning environment that is both fun, exciting and rigorous; one that motivates and empowers students and visitors alike. We devise various teaching methods designed to get the very best from our students to get them to think, explain and analyse what they see, feel and experience.


Chris is an important member of the Einstein Initiative team and has contributed much of his time in helping, teaching and guiding others to be more aware of life and its issues. Life is never meant to be easy and Chris has gone through much in his spiritual and physical life which has made him understand that life is about experiencing the good and the bad.

He has much knowledge in the areas of physical and spiritual protection, awareness within light and dark energies and in the areas of rescue work. His practical approach has brought realistic concepts to the Einstein Initiative and he has become a leading figure in bringing our school together in a spiritual and scientific way.

Chris also has great organisational and leadership skills, a vital asset in the development of our teaching programmes. He has also run his own development circles and writes inspirational poems and writings.

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Roy is one of the founder members at the Einstein Initiative and is a most dedicated colleague. He has created many home circles and has guided and helped many people over the years. His knowledge is a great asset to the team and he has achieved a great deal over the years in terms of his spiritual and physical life and progression. Roy has a very logical and analytical mind which has proved to be extremely useful in our theoretical and practical approaches.

His knowledge and understanding of spirit and general life concepts has made Roy a strong and honest teacher and inspirer. During this time he has built a strong and special relationship with people around him. Roy's philosophy has always been, keep what you teach simple and honest.

Roy has over 35 years of experience in the areas of circle development and intensive meditation in teaching programmes and classes. Many people have witnessed Roys disciplined and dedicated service to spirit and others.

He has extensive knowledge in the areas of healing which he feels very passionate about. He has demonstrated how physical and spiritual healing can overcome any mental, physical or spiritual problem one may have.

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Steven is one of our working mediums and he works directly in the areas of mediumship development, philosophy and healing. He is also a working trance medium, something that he has been developing for many years now.

He also works across the United Kingdom working in spiritualist churches giving readings which has been very rewarding and inspiring for him. Steven strongly believes that science can be used to focus our human understanding on what we see, feel and experience to effectively explain and explore the possiblities of new energy types and try to understand them. He is a hardworking and committed individual and works with passion. His concepts are extremly theoretical and thought provoking which is a valuable asset to our school.

Steven has a very personal connection to the world of spirit and works purely from the heart and soul. Steven does private readings, group readings and philosophy discussions. He works directly with his guides, friends and inspirers to pass on messages to loved ones and to demonstrate the importance of proving that there is life after death and that our loved ones do truly exist after they return to the spirit realms.

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Jimmy is one of our finest teachers and inspirers. He works on a very deep and spiritual level and has had many years of experience in the areas of reading auras, sleep problems, protection, animal guides, astral travel and dream interpretations. He is a visionary and a passionate individual whose knowledge and experience is extremly important to us.

Jimmy works closely with his guides and inspirers bringing his knowledge and understanding in a very pure and simple way. He has over 25 years experience in sitting in a home circle and has helped and guided many people to understand their true self. He also has a strong connection to his spiritual teachers who inspire him to pass on meaningful, honest and interesting philosophy.

Jimmy believes that philosophy in all its concepts holds importance for us all and can bring forth knowledge and understanding from within. Not only is connecting with spirit important, so is connecting and building strong relationships with the people you meet in life, which builds upon human experience and understanding on a material and physical path, as well as a spiritual one. He also believes that science in all its forms plays an important and fundamental role in proving life after death.

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