Table Tipping and Physical mediumship

Table tipping has been practiced by many spiritual and scientific organisations all over the world and is still being used today as a form of spiritual communication. Its most basic aim is to prove that it is, ‘spirits' energy that is manipulating the movement of the actual table and not its sitters. Many have questioned whether this form of spirit communication is reliable enough to prove the existence of the spirit world because there are so many variables that need to be considered when evaluating this phenomenon. There are, without doubt, more questions than answers when it comes to physical mediumship because it is still at its early stages of development and understanding. 


There is still much we do not understand about physical mediumship as a whole but we do know that it is fundamentally important in proving the existence of spirit. There is much we still need to learn, and of course explore, and we are only scratching the surface when it comes to physical and trance mediumship. 60 years ago trance and physical mediumship was very much the norm within the spiritualist community and was practiced all over the United Kingdom and the United States. However, times and trends change and for the past 20 years physical mediumship and trance mediumship has declined somewhat. It is still unsure why this has occurred but we wish to revive this important area of mediumship and bring spiritual and scientific awareness to the world. It is our greatest wish to connect with places such as circles, churches and centres who actually practice trance and physical mediumship today and with those that are currently developing, or wish to develop in physical or trance mediumship.

Physical mediumship as a whole is at its early stages of development and table tipping is one of many forms and areas that people use as ways to prove the existence of the spirit world. Collectively, we need to make physical and trance demonstrations more public and accessible. Many people still have little knowledge and understanding of the importance of physical and trance mediumship which of course needs to change. We cannot continue to rely on basic psychic or spiritual mediumship as forms of proving the existence of the spirit world because people are searching for much more.

But, what is table tipping and why would spirit use a table to communicate with us? The principle behind table tipping is pretty simple. Rather than just focusing on the actual communication process, one must first realise that this is not the aim of the table tipping process, however, it is important. The main aim of table tipping is to prove that physical and spiritual energy can be created and harnessed and can be used to move and tip the table. An important part of developing trance or physical mediumship is that an individual must first have the right energy and vibration to be in this kind of work whether you are a sitter or the actual physical medium. It must also be stressed that not everyone is right for trance or physical mediumship. Secondly, one must always have an open mind to this kind of work. If you are close minded then you will certainly block what you are seeing, feeling and experiencing within the physical and trance process.

The type of work you will do within the physical room or circle will depend on the capabilities of your sitters and your physical medium.  Developing physical mediumship can be difficult and can take time to develop as there are many different variables that can affect the outcome of this important process. Our own physical room for example, has often been described as a laboratory and the majority of physical circles are probably the same. Problems can often arise when one wishes to share and show the physical mediumship process to the outside world because there are many environmental and external variables that can affect the physical work itself. The physical work can also be highly unpredictable. You are more likely to see, feel, and experience within a closed laboratory setting than taking the physical work to a new or unfamiliar environment. This is where the help of spirit is so important because spirit will often come through the trance medium and guide its sitters as to which place, if any, is right for the demonstration to occur.

One major problem in physical mediumship development is the interference of ‘man.' However, without its sitters and physical medium the physical work cannot manifest itself to its true potential. The aim in all physical and trance work is too minimise all possible variables that could question the reliability of the physical demonstration, whatever that may be. It is even more critical to have 100% trust with not only spirit, but also its sitters and of course, its physical medium. It is also about building a strong spiritual and working environment with each other. One must always question what he or she is seeing, feeling and sensing within the physical room or circle at all times.

Through the development of physical or trance mediumship there are going to be people who will question whether the physical or trance is real. It is good to question all that one sees, feels, and experiences and having sceptics is good in any scientific or spiritual work and it makes the work even more exciting. However, one must be at a certain level of spiritual or physical understanding to accept what you are seeing, feeling, and experiencing is actually real. This is why it is important that when one is witnessing trance or physical mediumship for the first time, you should keep an open mind. Those with a closed mind can block, and in some cases stop, the output of energy that is crucial in developing physical energy especially in the process of table tipping. Moreover, it is not our responsibility to change anyones mind, especially when it comes down to someones belief, reality, or perception. You will, in essence, either accept or deny what you are witnessing.

But how does table tipping actually work? The process is very similar to the Ouija board. Its sitters are critical to the table tipping process and people have often wondered what type of energy is actually being used to make the table tilt. One must first understand that without its physical sitters the table tipping is unable to work. Therefore, in this area of physical mediumship, you are using direct human contact in creating physical residual energy. There are many different forms of residual energy and human beings are capable of creating vast amounts of energy which can be manipulated at any given time. Through practice, time, meditation and a little bit of luck you are able to harness the spiritual energy that is within. Not everyone will have the capabilities of achieving physical and spiritual energy, hence the importance of having the right sitters within the physical circle.

What normally happens is that you will have a group of people sitting around a small movable table, placing their hands, or in some cases just the tips of their fingers at the edge of the table. The aim, at this stage, is to build up enough physical energy using the energy given by all its sitters. It was first thought that physical energy was the main component in achieving the table tipping process. It is now believed that spirits energy is very much a part of this important process. Collectively, physical and spiritual energy is being used to tilt the table. One must first outline that the way this energy is transferred is through the sitters most important physical and spiritual sense; their hands. Once the energy has been built and this could take time, the table will start moving or in some instances shaking or vibrating. It can take many attempts to get this part of the process right, but one must have patience and time. It has been mentioned that the table tipping process is similar to the Ouija board. It is vital that what you are trying to create is physical evidence in proving that there is a spirit world. 

When we sit for physical mediumship we open ourselves up to creating some very unpredictable yet exciting energy. Therefore, we open ourselves and our circle to work with spirit because without spirit we are unable to achieve the physical work. It is important that we are careful what we ask for when doing this line of work. Asking for spiritual protection is a simple, yet effective way of protecting not just ourselves but also our circle. This ensures that those spirits that wish to work with us are of a high vibration and at a high level of understanding. There will be less enlightened spirits, or negative spirits who will find opportunities like the physical work to stop your spiritual work. Therefore, table tipping is similar to the Ouija board process, we have to be careful of who we allow to work with us within this type of work.

It has also been highlighted that spirits role in table tipping is vital. It is now accepted that there will be a team of spirit guides or helpers that will adjust their vibration so that they will be able to work closely with all its physical sitters. There will be a team of spirit workers standing at the side of each physical sitter, combining their energy with the energy of the physical sitters so that they are able to build up enough energy to move the table. The energy created at this stage can be very unpredictable, however, spirit will always try and ensure that all its sitters are safe and well protected. This is, of course, if protection was asked for.

It has been suggested that having the right sitters within a physical circle is very important because even the slightest disruption can stop the physical and spiritual work. Table tipping uses the same principle. Everyone has the capability of creating spiritual and physical energy, however, when working towards achieving physical manifestation of spirit or creating strong physical energy, like tipping a table, having the right sitters is critical. It is like choosing the right pieces of a puzzle that will fit straight into place.  Each sitter, including the physical medium, is important to the process of the physical manifestation of spirit. 

When sitting in a physical circle, building up the right energy can take time and table tipping is no different. However, it is understood when sitting for table tipping, spirit will draw close to all its sitters, combining their energy to try and move the table. Spirit will choose one or two sitters within a table tipping circle to manipulate their energy further. The two of its sitters will be used this way because they are capable of channelling this spiritual and physical energy to the actual table. Creating the right balance of vibration is very important too. Once the energy has been built up, the table can move in all directions or in table tipping, the table will tilt. Just like the Ouija board, at this stage, you have hopefully built up a line of communication with a particular spirit. The spirit communicator will have adjusted their vibration and energy so they are capable of moving the table itself.

But, who is this spirit that you are communicating with? What type of spirit are they? These are some of many questions that should be asked when communicating with spirit. One should trust your instincts and feelings at all times because they can never be fooled. Once the flow of energy has been created and built up, the table can be manipulated and moved in various ways. All sitters must ensure they keep their hands or fingertips on the table and not let go. Letting go will stop the input of energy and the table could stop moving. It is now understood that the process of building up the correct energy is like in the process of  healing. It has been suggested that spirits role and the spiritual energy created is very much part of the table tipping process. It is about creating the right spiritual and physical link between its sitters and spirit; a three part process. 

In conclusion, using table tipping can be an effective tool in proving the existence of the spirit world. However, there are many elements and variables that need to be considered when developing in this physical field of mediumship. It is very important in physical mediumship development to ensure that all variables are minimized and that the experiments are reliable and without question. The energy in table tipping is considered to be very unpredictable but still effective. Having the right knowledge, understanding, sitters and physical medium is a crucial part of physical mediumship and development.



      (1) Each sitter will place their fingertips or hands on the table edge.

      (2) How many sitters you will have around a table will vary.  An average of 5 to 6 people is needed to build up enough energy,

      (3) The size and length of table needed in table tipping demonstration will vary.  Normally, a small and light table is chosen.  Enough that each sitter will have enough room and feel comfortable.

      (4) Each sitter will send out their energy to the table.  The energy will build up and go round the entire table tipping area.

        (5) Spirit will choose one or two sitters to channel the physical energy further as seen within Model 2.

        (6) It is now believed that spirits role in table tipping is crucial.  Spirit will also sit around a similar vibration to build up their energy with the physical sitters energies.

          (7) The aim in table tipping is to combine the physical and spiritual energy together.

          (8) Another important aim in table tipping is to link the spiritual vibration with the physical vibration.

          In Table tipping, you are using your hands to channel your physical and spiritual energy. Your hands are important spiritual and physical sense similar to the healing process. From spirit, through spirit to spirit.

        The table tipping process is very similar to the Ouija Board.