Rescue Circle

Rescue work and rescue circles are rarely talked about or accepted within the spiritual community. However, at the Einstein Initiative we have extensive knowledge and understanding in the areas of rescue work and rescue circles. We feel that this type of work is the most rewarding of spiritual work.

Here is a poem inspired by one of our teachers in spirit that highlights the importance of our spiritual work in the areas of rescue.

From dark to light.

You are the warriors fighting on, giving hope to those who have none.

A circle of light joined in love, working together lifting above.

All that is dark and filled with despair, sharing your love, showing you care.

Selflessly giving all you can give, giving these souls a chance to live.

In a world filled with hope, a world filled with peace,

A world filled with wonders that never cease.

You have taken them on from confusion and fear, shown them the light and the loved ones thats near.

Somone to take them and show them the way, I can tell you my friends they'll repay you one day.

They will stand by your side when the going gets tough,

For they know there's no way they can thank you enough.

For caring so much, for making things right,

For taking them from the dark and showing them the light.

And just like us they wish to thank you,

For doing with love all that you do.


What you can expect to learn at the Einstein Initiative School

A little bit about rescue work practices.

Ask for doorkeepers, not a light prayer.

Keep the spirit in the trance medium as long as possible as there will be unseen rescues going on behind the scenes.

Do not answer questions from the spirit about yourself or other members.

Drink plenty of water as this is energy for you and the sitters.

See, Feel, Sense, and Experience all that is going on around you.

Be aware of negative thoughts which come into your head. These are not your thoughts, they have been put there by negative spirit.

When finished say a closing prayer.

A quick way to raise the energy again is to all link hands and create light by sending out light in your mind.

Do you want to know more about rescue circles? Then check out our course/workshop information page for further details.