Remote Viewing and Astral Projection

"Remote viewing is the practice of seeking an impression of a distant or unseen subjective means, in particular, extra-sensory perception or sensing the mind"

Remote viewing is now accepted by many leading scientists and also military organisations who have been experimenting on remote viewing for many years, mostly in secret.

Here is a brief explanation of remote viewing and what it entails.

Astral projection can be a conscious and deliberate attempt to project your spirit from your body whereby astral travel is the sleep state where the body forces us to sleep because it needs to regenerate and rest. This will allow our spirit to go to the astral plane. When you astral travel while sleeping, your physical body is watched over and protected by spirit friends and guides but this is not guaranteed when you astral project because astral projection is somewhat different. Astral projection, in the way we have described, is the same as leaving the front door open and your house unattended when you go out for a while.

At the Einstein Initiative we have been experimenting in the areas of astral projection and remote viewing and we have found some interesting results. Astral projection should not be tried on your own, only with likeminded people and people you can trust with the right knowledge and of course, experience.

What you can expect to learn at the Einstein Initiative School

And a little more

Imagine you are able to go to the astral planes, go to any place or destination and you are then able to remember everything when you return back to the physical body.

Astral projection and remote reviewing in all their concepts is a fascinating and exciting area to learn about. Check out our course/workshop information page for further details.