Mahannah Healing

Areas covered within Mahannah Healing: Chakras, Auras, Healthy Eating, Our relationship with our physical bodies, magnetic healing, sound therapy, diet, light therapy, Meditation, stone and crystal healing, the way we breathe,  How we sleep, our basic understanding in everyday living!  It’s just a way of life!

Mahannah healing consists of 7 main Mahannah healing techniques.  Each technique is related to different parts of the physical body and to different energy points such as the main chakras. 

Once you have understood and learnt all 7 main Mahannah healing techniques you will then have the foundation needed to become a healer with great confidence.  Learning each technique is relatively the easy part.  Everyone is a healer in their own right and anyone can learn and practice the Mahannah healing techniques they are not difficult to learn. 

Mahannah healing is also based around learning important areas that are often missed in other conventional healing practices.  We must understand our relationship with ourselves and the world we live in first before we can become practiced healers.  Becoming a healer will take time and a lot of patience. 

An important factor in Mahannah healing is that once you start learning how to heal others, you will without doubt become spiritually motivated, awakened, and aware.  You will begin to see the world and others in much more spiritual way. 

External Factors: Before you can love another person, learn how to love yourself.  Appreciate the beauty inside and out!  Mahannah healing is very much based around how everything is interconnected spiritually as well as physically.  Rather than thinking that our bodies are separate to our spirits, we should try and bring both energies closer together. 

Mahannah healing also greatly recognises our relationships with mother earth, the sun, the food we eat, and what we drink.  Other areas are also highlighted in Mahannah healing such as the importance of sleep, rest and the importance of breathing properly.  Do we breathe properly?  Do we sleep properly?  Do we have the right bed and mattress suitable for our physical bodies?  What are we actually eating and are these foods good for my physical body? We soon forget to ask ourselves these important questions.  Through healing, we soon become aware of how we live and experience this physical world.

History: Mahannah healing originated from the inspiration of spirit in 2012.  Mahannah is a healing guide that has worked with our healing group for many years.  We do not read any books to receive this knowledge, much of our work has been through the teachings of spirit that have come through our trance mediums and passed on these ancient healing techniques to us.  Healing has been an important part in all the spiritual work we do.  Mahannah healing does not only concentrate on spiritual energies but also combines physical ones too. 

Why healing?  Healing is the most powerful form of energy within the universe.  Spiritual healing for example is as effective as taking medication.  Becoming a healer can also be very rewarding as well as uplifting knowing you are helping and healing other people.

Mahannah healing not only concentrates on healing the physical body but also focuses on the spirit as well as the mind.

Guides: Over the years we have had many inspirational guides and healers draw close to us and have helped us bring the Mahannah healing closer together.  They have shared much of their knowledge and wisdom with us within our spiritual circle.  Natsuki and her partner Matsimoto are two of many healers that have communicated with us over the past three years.  They are from Japanese origin and they brought forward some ancient as well as some modern healing techniques from across the world. 

However, the story really began with a healing guide that came through our trance medium many years ago.  Her name was Mahannah.  She came on a very cold and pure vibration. She was part of a people that we call the Bakou.  They lived on the earth plain over 2.5 million years ago.  They were in essence our ancestors, a type of homosapien.  They had a deep connection with mother earth and could communicate with other animals and other plant life such as trees.  We now understand that they had seven spiritual senses.  Over many years we as a human race have devolved and beginning to lose our spiritual senses.

Another important area within Mahannah healing is the importance of recognising our deep connection with mother earth.  Many ancient tribes such as the Native American culture had a deep connection with Mother Earth. Their ancient healing techniques are once again being brought forward for many different reasons.

Healing prayer: An important part of healing is doing a healing prayer.  Ask for spiritual protection during your prayer.  You can do this within your mind or out loud.

Different types of healing: There are three type of healing techniques recognised within Mahannah healing.

    • Contact healing.  This is where you physical touch the healer to implement healing.  This is considered the most effective form of healing.
    • Distant healing.  This is where you send out healing energy through a meditation or by simple thought.  Thought is an energy force and which can be transferred from one person to another over vast distances.
    • Absent healing.  Remember not everyone will want to be touched.  This is where as a healer you will either stand or sit near the patient and send out healing energy to the patient.

    Scanning: An effective method is detecting anomalies within the aura field or within the physical body is through the technique referred to as scanning.

    Exercise: Try this in pairs.  Decide who wishes to be the patient or the healer.  The patient is to be sat on a chair comfortably with their eyes closed.  The healer should stand at the side or back of the healer and wait 5 minutes to allow the vibrations to settle.  Do not rush this exercise.  Then the healer should step forward and using both hands scans the patient’s body.  Do this slowly.  Write down what you have picked up or felt during the scanning exercise.

    Personal responsibility as a healer:  You are always responsible for your actions and behaviours as a healer.  Always ask permission to touch the patient.  Inform the patient what the technique you are using and what it entails.

    What is the patient expect to feel during a healing session:  Every patient will feel something different.  Different techniques will produce different energies and therefore will produce different emotions and feelings.  There are normally two types of distinct variations in energies, cold and warm.  Some healers will work on a cold vibrations and the patient will feel this sometimes.  Some healers will work on a warm vibration.  Some healers will work with both cold and warm vibrations.  This will depend on who you working with spiritually.

    The breath: An important part in Mahannah healing is the importance of breathing properly and we soon forget this important part to the life force that surrounds our physical body and spiritual being.  Many techniques concentrate on the importance of breathing through the nose and out of the mouth.  By breathing properly and consistently will expand the flow of energy within our physical bodies.  We begin to feel lighter and more aware.  Our bodies rarely take in enough oxygen to sustain the needs of the body.  These basic breathing techniques can help the healer as well as the patient go much deeper within a healing session and you will soon find the difference.

    Exercise: Try this on your own or with a group.  Breathe in deeply through the nose.  By breathing through the nose you are filtering dust and pollution through the air follicles within the base of the nose.  As you breathe in deeply, concentrate on the base of your solar plexus and beware of the muscles that surround your stomach area.  Allow your stomach to expand and then hold your breath as you expand your solar plexus for 3 seconds and then breathe out through the mouth.  It maybe a little difficult at first but once you have mastered this easy but effective technique it will have great benefits to the wellbeing of your physical body.  

    Want to know more? Coming soon!