The Purple Mountain Spiritual Centre

We have been involved with the spiritual work for over 34 years.  It wasn’t until our dear friend Anita Williams sadly passed to the world of spirit in 2011, did our spiritual work take to a much different direction. 

Now in spirit, Anita has shared her physical experiences and knowledge assimilated over her life time with the teachers, guides, helpers, healers and inspires.  Spirit has begun to understand that the knowledge that we have gained over the many years sat in circle must now be shared with the world.

With the help and guidance of spirit, we began drawing plans to create a special spiritual sanctuary.  At the bottom of 60 Bold Streets garden laid a 100 year old garage.  In early spring of 2014 we began raising money to start renovating the garage and converting the old building into a spiritual centre.

With the help of our circle friends we began thinking of what we could call the spiritual centre.  We decided as a group to put possible names into a tin and then to pull one name out.  Since that day we have called the centre the Purple Mountain Spiritual Centre.  


With much help of our friends both in spirit and here in the physical we completed the work in late May 2014.  We opened the doors for the first time in June 2014 with a special BBQ event.


The centre has grown from strength to strength and we are now open on a Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.  We hold various events on a monthly basis and we are starting to work towards holding workshops and classes.   


We have created the centre for many different reasons but one of the most important reasons is to prove life after physical death and to give hope that our loved ones are only a thought away. We want to work with our local community and other spiritual sanctuary’s aiming to work together for a brighter future.

Our aim is to create a sanctuary that is different, unique, and special.  We pride ourselves to the friendliness of our centre aiming to make it warm and welcoming.  We want the centre to be the place of healing and a place where people find inspiration, hope, and gain knowledge and spiritual truths.

We believe that the centre belongs to our congregation rather than it belongs to the Einstein Initiative.  Without the loyalty, kindness and generosity of our congregation there would be no centre.  With the continuous support and help, the Purple Mountain will surely only get bigger and brighter.

The way the Purple Mountain and our organisation are run is rather different to other places.  We do not have a committee rather we have helpers and caretakers that generously and willingly want to share their time and energy in the running of the centre.

Our guiding principles of the Purple Mountain Spiritual Centre caretakers and helpers are:

To be honest at all times

To be truthful to yourseleves and others

To communicate with each other

Always try to work in the name of love and light

To be openminded to other peoples opinions

Never judge

Stay positive

And simply go with flow of the river...

In the name of love, peace and healing

We have entrusted Mrs Irene Stephenson and Mrs Sharon Couch in the caretaking of the Purple Mountain Spiritual Centre

Irene Stephenson is our President of the Purple Mountain Spiritual Centre (Left)


Sharon Couch is our Head Healer at the Purple Mountain Spiritual Centre (Right)

We welcome you all to our centre

The Purple Mountain Spiritual Centre

Our Centre is located behind 60 Bold Street.

We are open every Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

(One of our guest mediums on a Thursday Night)

(Guest Mediums Kath Noonan and Ron Cour)

Please note we will be closed until January 28th 2016.

We want to wish everyone a Happy and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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