At the Einstein Initiative we recognise that there are many different forms of mediumship. We are all different and unique and we all do our spiritual work in different ways. Some mediums prefer using tarot cards and some prefer using stones or bones, this will depend on the individual.

Have you got an interest in tea leaves, mediumship, bones, tarot cards or astrology? Then check out what we have to offer.

At the Einstein Initiative School we offer a variety of different types of readings. One of the most interesting forms of mediumship is the reading of tea leaves.

What you can expect to learn in the area of tea leaves.

What you can expect to learn in the area of the Tarot card.

"Our Tarot card workshops and courses outline a journey of discovery."

What you can expect to learn in the area of bones.

Another very fascinating area of mediumship is that of astrology. We are in the beginning stages of understanding how astrology works and how it has been developed over thousands of years. We offer a foundation course in the areas of astrology giving basic and unique insights, understanding and knowledge in this exciting field. Here is what you can expect to learn within the area of astrology and how it is linked to spiritual concepts and science.

And much more

Music Messaging

·   Learn about the importance of music and vibrations.
·   Learn what emotions are and how they are connected to the spirit.
·   Learn about the importance of music in mediumship development.
·   Learn how to use music as part of giving messages.

X- Ray Clairvoyance

·   Learn about the importance of meditation.
·   Learn about the different forms of physical and spiritual senses.
·   Learn about x-ray mediumship as part of physical and spiritual healing.
·   Learn how to develop and heighten your spiritual and physical senses.

Trance Readings

"An experience lasting a life time"

How does a trance reading work? The trance medium has to prepare spiritually and physically several days before, as it takes much energy to do trance mediumship. We are all spirit within a physical body, and trance is where the mediums spirit leaves the physical body and allows another spirit to enter the mediums body.

What can I expect in a trance reading? Every trance reading will vary from one another because we are all different spiritually and physically.

How long does a trance reading last for? Trance readings can last up to one hour. Spirit will know when the reading has finished.

Who will come through and speak to me in a trance reading? This will depend on who wishes to speak to you, if this is a family member, healer, guide or even a spiritual teacher this will depend on the vibration and strength of the spirit and of course the trance medium. Remember nothing is guranteed.

How much does a trance reading cost? All trance readings are £40.

To book your trance reading today contact Roy on:

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