Physical mediumship

Please note that none of our pictures have been changed, enhanced or manipulated in any form

"In the pursuit of spiritual truths"

“Energy can be created but not destroyed and can be changed to any form and meaning.”- Albert Einstein

In all the decisions we make concerning our spiritual work is through the guidance and inspiration from our teachers and helpers within the spirit world.  We are very lucky to have two full trance mediums that allow our teachers such as Albert Einstein, Red Dragon, Lao, and Red Cloud to help us within the physical work.


What is physical mediumship?


Undisputable proof of the existence of spirit and the spirit world.

To prove to the world that there is life after physical death.


The Einstein Physical Circle

Our aim:

There are many different forms of physical mediumship.  Our circle has been working towards creating a substance called Ectoplasmic Energy.  It is our hope that we can create the manifestation of spirit, whereby you can physically see, hear, smell, and touch spirit. To create Ectoplasmic Energy will take time and much patience.



Spirit has recognised that creating Ectoplasmic Energy will take time and since the development of our physical circle we have been experimenting and working towards understanding other aspects of physical mediumship.  We have been very fortunate that we are able to communicate with spirit almost on a daily basis who has shared their knowledge on various energy forms.

As you can see within the pictures below we have captured many different energy types.  Unknown to us at that time, spirit were manipulating and creating different energies for us to see, feel and experience.  Over the past three years with the help of spirit we have built our knowledge through trust, commitment and dedication.

Here are a list of energies that our spirit teachers have shared their knowledge on. Click onto the energies section and read more about each type of energy.


1) String Energy


2) Residual Energy


3) Electro-plasmic Energy


4) Wet Energy


5) Dry Energy


6) Ectoplasmic Energy (note that Ectoplasmic Energy is not the same as Ectoplasm)


7) Orbs


8) Transfiguration


9) Transformic Transfiguration


10) Ethric Body Energy (like cracking an egg open)


What falls under physical mediumship?


The combined force of spiritual and physical energy.  The ability to physically see, hear and touch spirit in its physical form.    

1) Transfiguration

2) Table Tipping


How is ectoplasmic energy formed?

It is our greatest mission to prove the existence of the spirit world in the hope of creating a new form of Ectoplasm; Ectoplasmic-Energy.  Since physical mediumship has significantly declined over the past 50 years, it is hoped that the Einstein Organisation as well as other physical circles can be brought together in bringing physical mediumship into the modern world. 

Spirit have highlighted that physical mediumship in all its forms and ideas need to be modernised in a way that scientists as well as the public can fully understand and accept.  Remember what may have worked yesterday may not necessarily work today.

By modernising the principles and ideas of physical mediumship is critical for its survival.  However, some of the old and traditional ideas is still very relevant and can be extremely useful in bringing physical mediumship into the modern world.  Physical circles require most dedicated and committed members and this has been very difficult particularly in the ‘fast’, ‘stressful’, and ‘hectic’ society we live in today.  Spirit have adapted to these changes that mankind have made, and in essence it has become an understanding on both sides.

Spirit has recognised that creating Ectoplasmic Energy will take much time.  Our physical circle is very much a working circle and we continuously experimenting in the hope of gaining more knowledge.
The principles behind physical mediumship are pretty simple.  Everything in the universe is interconnected, everything is energy, and every energy has its own vibration and light.

Ectoplasmic Energy is created by the physical mediums physical body.  It is created using fibres, minerals, hormones and the most important element, water.  Certain organs and glands such as the Liver, Pancreas, upper and lower stomach areas, Thyroid and Thymus play a critical part in the formation of Ectoplasmic Energy.

Ectoplasmic Energy can be excreted either through the nose, mouth, or eyes.  Spirit play a very important role in the formation and manipulation of Ectoplasmic Energy.   


This picture is one of many we have taken during a physical circle sitting. As you can see Ectoplasmic energy is being built up around the physical mediums mouth. We used a green light and using an ordinary camera with know flash.

As you can see within the picture above, Ectoplasmic Energy is being formed around the physical mouth. However, transfiguration is also occurring as you can see the mediums face is being altered.


Why wear black and why black the physical room out?


The reasoning behind wearing black is quiet simple.  Colour is a vibration.  Certain colours are stronger in terms of its vibrational outputs and inputs.  The colour black is extremely effective in absorbing energy.  Remember that all energy types work on different vibrations.  Therefore, by wearing black, spirit is able to manipulate, change, and enhance the energy absorbed by the colour black frequency at any given time.  It makes the manipulation process much easier for spirit.

Our physical room is often referred to as a laboratory.  We conduct various experiments on a weekly basis.  However, we have blackened the room out for a similar reason: to enhance the manipulation of energy process.   


What equipment do we use?

As you can see within the picture above, we use various colour lights that will enhance the energy that is being manipulated by spirit.

Here is a list of equiptment that we use for the physical work:


*Tape recorder


*White lamps

*Coloured lights: red, blue and green


Our Physical Circle Room Rules

*Any of the rules above can be changed by spirit at any given time.


Why field trips?

Majority of our work is based around the inspiration and guidance of spirit.  Our physical room is often referred to as a laboratory where we conduct various experiments.  However, over the past three years we have been going on various field trips in the hope of capturing and collecting various types of energies.  Choosing the right place and destination has always been through the help and guidance of our spirit teachers. 

Collecting and storing these different types of energies has been an integral part of our physical work particularly when doing field trips.  Physically we must do our part in building and storing these energies and that is why doing field trips are so important.  Using various chakra’s located in the front and back of the body, one can collect and store energy.  This energy can therefore be transferred to another particular area such as our physical room.

Field trips can also help us better understand how energy is manipulated, created, and transferred outside a laboratory setting.  We now understand that various sites are highly concentrated magnetically which has a direct correlation in Residual Energy and ‘rescue work’.  Different sites and areas produce different types of energies.  Even though many of these types of energies are considered physical energies, they are still indirectly connected to other vibrational frequencies closely connected to the spirit world.


Our physical circle room set up


Over the past three years we have had many changes concerning the layout of the physical circle.

We have set out the room accordingly through the guidance of spirit teachers.

We have set out the room with ten chairs facing towards the physical medium.

As we have progressed and gained more knowledge we then purchased a tent that we use for storing energy in. This tent is where our physical medium will sit and allow physical and spiritual energy to be built up and where the majority of the physical work will occur.

Our sitters are equally important to the work. Sitters will send out energy towards the physical medium. We call this process the Spiders Web Theory; that each sitter and the physical medium are interconnected.


Our spirit teachers


Albert Einstein


Red Cloud


The way we envisage Lao  


Red Dragon

Friends from other worlds:

Silver Skies



Physical Circle Poem

We sit in a circle of love and light,
Colleague Lao is our circle leader who sits within our sight.

Every Tuesday night we all meet up to create energy and give mankind hope,
But we are all here for us too and sometimes we all have a laugh and a joke!

The work of Science has been hard to understand,
But as we have progressed together we have all overcome and here we stand.

As time went by and as we began to progress and understand we saw the work transform,
Each week the work is different and unexpected and now nothing seems to be out of the norm.

There are many types of energies we have begun to understand and to love,
Through this enjoyment of this scientific work we know that it is accepted by Malakai who stands proudly above.

Our physical circle medium is our friend called Chris,
Who over the years has committed and dedicated his time and has never missed.

However, our circle sitters are just as important for the work,
We must always protect ourselves as there are many who will in the darkness walk and lurk!

Over the many years we have had many inspirational teachers that have helped and guided us,
‘Energy’ is our main theme within our work, energy cannot be destroyed, and this is a must.

Energy can be manipulated to any form or meaning and this is what we believe,
I know deep inside we have all worked very hard and this is what we must agree.

Many times our friend and teacher Albert has come through and given us homework to do,
Sometimes he has even stepped forward and given us bread crumbs to give us a little clue!

Each and every step we take brings us closer to the spiritual truth, in which we seek,
At times, we all feel the scientific work looks a little bleak.

We always try and do our very best,
Sometimes when Albert asks us a question we all quickly guess!

But as we have become stronger in heart and in soul,
We have all managed to keep our lights bright to give our spirits a little glow.

We may sit in dark and always wear black,
We have always been taught to always move forward and never look back.

We must always question what we experience, sense, and feel,
Albert always questions if we have eaten correctly at our evening meal!

Over the past few months we have taken many pictures in the hope of capturing physical energy,
Sometimes after a heavy night we all feel drained and feel extremely edgy!

Written By Steven Hemingway. Inspired by Spirit.