If you are experiencing any paranormal activity within your home, work place or any other area we would like to hear about it. We investigate paranormal energies and we may be able to help you and offer you more understanding.

Copy and paste this questionniare and send it to us. We will get back to you once we have gone through your details.

About you

1 Contact name

2 Do you live in the property?

2b Who lives in the property including pets?

3 Have you had any problems with paranormal activities in previous properties?

4 Has the activity affected your daily lifestyle?

5 Have close friends or relatives died recently?

6 Have you experienced any activity within your life?

About the property

1 When was the property built?

2 How would you describe the immediate area?

3 Have you had any problems with the utilities?

4 What type of property is it?

5 Are you aware of any previous occurrences of a similar nature?

About the paranormal occurrences

1 When did the signs of paranormal activity first occur?

2 What type of activity are you witnessing?

3 What time does the paranormal activity start?

4 How long does the activity last for?

5 Which room/location is the most active in the property?

6 Does the temperature of the room change?

7 Does the activity make you feel uncomfortable?

8 Are you seeing activity?

9 D you think the activity is increasing?

10 Are you aware of objects being moved within the property?

11 Have you noticed any unusual aromas within the property?