Spiritually, the question of light and dark is a fairly simple one. You are a spirit within a physical body and your spirit emits light. The more enlightened the spirit, the brighter that light. The less enlightened the spirit, the dimmer that light will be.

Just as we must accept that there are good and bad people on the earth plane we must also accept the same for the world of spirit and this is reflected in their light, or indeed, lack of it.

Why have a spiritual light? Quite simply this light is a statement of your spirituality and it will also act as protection. A less enlightened or darker spirit would feel uncomfortable or even find it impossible to be near you.

This works in the physical too. You will, we are sure, have felt at times that you felt instantly uncomfortable next to a person you have just met. This is normal and is your protection because you are almost certainly with somebody whose light is so much darker than yours. That person would also feel the same about you because your light is too bright for them.

It works the other way too when you have an instant liking for somebody. This is because you are comfortable in their light even though in most cases you will probably be unaware of this light or lack of it.

In essence, like attracts like and even the less enlightened spirit has a light of sorts. Even if it is as a candle flickering, it is still a light which can be made brighter through love, help and understanding once that spirit is willing to accept it.

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