These poems are inspirational writings from our spirit friends and do have a profound effect on our emotions and hearts when we receive them. Anybody can sit and meditate and ask for their inspirers and teachers to draw close to them. They will try to inspire you to write either a poem or a writing.

Here are some of many examples of inspirational poems and writings we have here at the Einstein Initiative. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we have enjoyed writing them with the inspiration of our spirit friends.


There was work to be done so I called your name,
One by one to my side you came.
There were other things you wanted to do,
But this was your calling and this you knew.
You have all given up much as you knew you must,
You’ve put faith in me and gave me your trust.

So week after week all obstacles crossed,
We will go on with our work no time to be lost.
There’s much to be done if the world is to learn,
As you give to others then it will be your turn.
With every week you draw nearer to us here,
With every week you lose a little more fear.
As the fear subsides within your heart,
Then the things you wish for will begin to start.

For you will have earned everything you see,
When the time is right you will not only hear but see me.
But you have to be patient yet awhile longer,
For week after week we all will grow stronger.
For at this moment in time it is not yet right,
But don’t be downhearted the end is in sight

Written by Mrs Anita Williams, Inspired by Mahlaki.



Have faith in me as I have faith in you,
Never let go of hope, together we shall get through.

Always another battle to fight or a mountain to climb,
Never give up for there is always time.

Step by step you shall walk through light and dark,
There will always be people that will try and bite you like an angry shark.

But always be good, always share and allow your light to shine,
But as spirit will always say in truth and leave you a spirit sign.

There will be times when we wish to give up and leave things old behind.
But stay strong and keep the faith, for spirits are always kind.

There will be moments of sadness and tears of pain,
But don’t worry my friend this is part of life learning and what we must gain.

You may not understand today or wish to see,
But I am your guardian angel and god I’m a busy little bee.

I will try to keep you safe and warm filled with love,
At times you shall see that I have sent you a dove from the clouds above.

I have seen you grow up and progress and seen you get rather stressed,

But pick yourself up for I ‘am not far,
I have seen all the battles and the scars.

I will always be there in good times and the bad,
I will send you my love even when you are sad.

Now, do not worry or think what may become,
For there is always hope but always remember where you have come from.

  I have seen your passions and dreams you wish to share,
There will be some people with jealously and wish to give you an angry glare.

But always stay true to you for I’ am always there for you.
Now my special friend, as I have said, life is a struggle and sometimes a bit of a pain,
You may be walking down the street and then it starts to rain.

But when life gets tough and a little hard,
Please remember that I’ am your light and armour of guard.
Have faith in me, as I have faith in you,
And together we shall succeed.

Written by Steven Hemingway. Inspired by spirit.

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