Physical Mediumship

We will be hosting special physical mediumship evenings throughout the year. We are currently creating something very unique and special; a place where people will come from all around the world to witness physical mediumship development and the creation of energy and emotions.

We have two fantastic working trance and physical mediums at the Einstein Initiative who have been developing for the past three years and what has been created so far is truly amazing.

If you want to know more about physical mediumship development check out our energy section.

What happens on a physical mediumship evening?

Once you have booked your tickets, you will be given all the information you will need.

An overview

- A talk on physical mediumship development and why it has been created and developed.

- A small meditation to adjust the vibrations.

- You will then be directed upstairs one by one to the physical room.

- For about one and half hours the physical and trance medium will work to prove with the help and guidance of spirit that life after death exists.

- You will then be directed downstairs by our host medium.

- Tea and coffee will be offered. This will give a chance for discussions.

- Finished by a small talk and demonstration on how to prove that life after death exists using cameras and capturing energy on tape and camera.

How much do tickets cost?

Tickets for all physical nights are £7.50.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

You do not need to bring anything with you but we ask everyone to wear black clothing. This to ensure you are able to see spiritual and physical energy properly.

Where is the physical mediumship event held?

The event will be held at our school in Fleetwood. We have created a very special and unique physical room.

What can I expect to see, feel and experince?

As everything we do is an experimental, nothing is guranteed. We advise visitors to keep an open mind and to relax within the physical room.

Where can I purchase some tickets from?

You can call us on 07541372445 to make your bookings. We do only offer limited places so please hurry.


We will be posting our next Physical Mediumship event soon.


Our Next Special Physical Mediumship Demonstration

*Will be posted soon*