Physical Room

For the past three years we have been creating and developing a physical circle room to try and create conditions for physical and spiritual manifestation to occur. Why is this important? What better way to prove to the world that life after death exists than to actually see spirit and loved ones through your physical eyes, rather than through the third eye.

The physical room set up.

We have experienced and felt many different types of energies and witnessed energy formations. We have felt and seen spirit through our physical eyes. There are many things we still need to understand and we are continually adapting, discovering and changing the conditions of the physical room in order to obtain the most accurate results and create an environment that is just right.  This side of our work is extremly important as we are hoping to provide scientific evidence that life after death does exist.

The physical room set up.

The whole purpose of the physical room is to witness physical manifestation and the manipulation of spirit. There are many experiments which have been carried out with amazing results

(Check out our experiment page for more information and results).

One of our dedicated sitters, see her face change.

Want to read more about physical room development? If you click onto our circle page you will find more about the development of physical circle rooms with a personal guide for those that want to develop their own. 

What can you see?

We are also in the midst of putting together a demonstration of physical mediumship and development. Check out our events page for more information. These events are not to be missed. 

Development of a physcial room

Firstly you will be linking in with the spirit leader of the room and they will instruct you on how to set up the room and what is expected to happen. You must remember that it is all experimental so have patience.

Our experience in how to set up a physical room is as follows. The room you use should be a spare room and used for nothing else. You will need to black out any windows, if you have them, to stop all natural light from getting in the room and you may need a curtain up at the door to stop light getting in through the door jam. 

If you have done everything correctly you will have total blackness when the door is shut so there will be no need to paint doors and walls dark or black. You will need to set out the room with comfy chairs and if you are able to fill them, seven is a good number. You will need one chair at the front on its own where the medium will sit and the other chairs placed in a semi-circle in front of the medium. These chairs should be left in the room at all times because spirit will alter the vibrations of the furniture in the room on a molecular level. A chest of drawers is handy too for your bits and bobs and to be able to write on the top like a desk. You will need three mirrors, one on each opposite wall. The lights should be on a dimmer switch and a coloured light that has red, blue and green, preferably on a remote, then you are not disturbing the vibrations in the room by getting up and down changing the lights.

(Our physical medium, Chris. We use different colour lights which spirit can use to manipulate the mediums face. Spirit can do this so the sitters are able to see different faces and shapes). What can you see?

Now you are ready for spirit to start the process of sorting out the room on a spiritual level and that can take up to a year, depending on circumstances. You now need dedicated sitters. You will have people who come and go but you should end up with a dedicated group. You must all wear black in the room and it is a good idea to have black gowns for the sitters and these are left in the room all the time because spirit will alter the vibrations of the garments too. The energy in the room will link to the energy of the sitters and this will become as one over time. This is why you need dedicated sitters because if they come and go, it will take spirit longer to adjust the vibration in the room to link with the sitters.

Every week we sit for physical is different.  Spirit will try and manipulate our physical energy to show different faces and shapes.  Can you see the letter G on the mirror?  Here we were instructed by spirit to use large mirrors and then place team bowels underneath.  We took these photos in the dark using a basic camera using the flash.  What can you see?     

What can you see?

So, while the room is being prepared by spirit the different sitters can alter the vibrations and can disrupt or change the vibrations in the room. But, when the room has been fully prepared by spirit, which as we have said can take up to a year before it is finished, then anybody can come and go without affecting the vibrations of the room.

Do you want to witness sitting in one of our physical rooms? Check out our events page for further details. We offer special nights throughout the year subject to avaliablity.

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All our physical work is experimental.  Each week we sit for physical is different.

Physical Room Rules

Any of the rules above can be changed by spirit at any given time. 

We offer a variety of different workshops and courses.  Our physical and trance mediumship demonstration have been most popular.  Check out our events page for more details.  These special events are not to be missed.

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