Physical Circle

A physical circle is one that requires the most disciplined and dedicated sitters. It is one of the most interesting and fascinating types of circle being developed today but, to ensure success, it requires time and a lot of patience. At the Einstein Initiative School we have being building and creating our own physical circle room and the results have been truly breathtaking and amazing.

Our physical medium, Chris Stephenson.  Here we have been experimenting on different colour lightings.  The results have been very interesting indeed.  Can you see the changes and eco-plasmic energy forming?

We believe that there are not enough physical rooms being developed today and one of our main missions is to help people understand why physical mediumship is so important in proving that life after death exists.

What you can expect to learn at the Einstein Initiative School

Here we only used the yellow lighting. However, as you can see within this picture you are able to see green energy forming on the mediums neck.

This picture indicates early stages of transfiguration.  You can see the mediums face starting to change completely. What can you see?

Physical Room Rules

*Any of the rules above can be changed by spirit at any given time.

What can you see?

Can you see the face forming at the top right hand corner?During this process of taking this photograph, the steam behaved strangely.  The steam itself would appear and then disappear at different times, as if it was being changed suddenly.

Here spirit used a very different vibration to change the mediums face.  Can you see the face blown like?

Do you want to know more about physcial mediumship? Check out our course/workshop information page for further details and our events page for physical mediumship evenings.