At the Einstein Initiative we stress the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The wellbeing of the mind, heart and spirit are essential. The physical body and the spirit, over a period of time, will form a strong bond and relationship with one another and therefore the flow of energy must be correctly balanced. We have also recognised that stress is responsible for more physical problems than any other cause. Stress is linked to many forms of cancers, diseases and viruses.

We all have basic human needs and these physical needs are essential for the survival of our physical bodies. The more we look after our bodies, the longer we will live and progress on the earth plane. Without the health and balance of our physical bodies we only shorten our time on earth. The time we have on earth is relatively short and we should remember to cherish every moment we have. 

We need to eat, drink, sleep and breath for our bodies to survive, therefore, we need to be aware of what we eat and drink because this is converted into energy and in turn gives life to our physical bodies. We believe that as long as you maintain a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle you will not go wrong. However, natural foods are better for the physical body and drinking plenty of fresh water is important too. Not only is water good for the body, it is also good for the mind.

Using our senses

We all have the ability to tune into the needs of the body and listen to our instincts, intuitions and senses. These basic senses are not only designed to physically pick up energies around us but also to tune into our physical bodies. This can also be related to meditation as this can be used to enhance our senses, capabilities and psychic ability. They can also be used for personal reasons; to feel at peace, to de-stress, and to understand our own body more.

Mother Earth

We should cherish every moment we have on earth. We need to remember that without Mother Earth we would not be able to return to the earth plane to learn, understand, gain knowledge and of course, experience. Just like our physical bodies, we need to look after Mother Earth too because we are slowly destroying it. We can all take those small steps to try and conserve this beautiful planet we live on.


"If only we could teach every child to meditate this world would be a very different place."

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years by every religion in human history and today, however, many people have lost this special, yet simple way to connect with spirit and of course, oneself. By meditating, you will be able to become more aware and see things you have never seen before.

When we sleep, we travel to a place called the astral planes which is a place between the earth plane and the spirit realms and during this time we continue doing our work, as not only is sleep important for the physical body but is important for the spirit too. Of course, our spirit can never die and our energies and light are constant. However, when we feel mentally or spiritually drained this is telling us that we need time for ourselves.    


For a large part of our time on earth there is the need to sleep. Our physical bodies get tired, worn and of course, get old over time and without enough sleep we will die. During our time on earth we assimilate and access new knowledge and experiences every single day and this will get processed through our physical brain and then into our spiritual being.

We live in a very stressful world and how many times do we lie in bed and struggle to switch off from our material and physical lives? This is normal but we have found that much that occurs within our everyday lives can be controlled. We alone have the power to control and deal with our own actions and responsbilities. Because we spend almost half our lives in bed and we know that sleep is so important for our bodies we need to make sure we and our bed are as comfortable as possible. The bedroom or the enviroment we sleep in must also be clean and tidy because like attracts like.

  1. Learn about the importance of sleep for the physical and spiritual body.
  2. Learn about various techniques and methods that help wake up the body.
  3. Learn about the importance of light.
  4. Learn about light therapy and how it works.


Without oxygen we will die and this most valuable of elements gives life to every creature on this planet. We need air to breath and our bodies do that naturally and the health of our organs is of course very important. Many think we have little control over the levels of fresh air/oxygen we breath, however, we are all responsible for the well being of the earth. We can all take small steps to help this world. Not only should we do this for our own well being and future but also for the future of our children too.

What we eat and drink

Our bodies are made up of over 65% water and therefore it is vital to keep our bodies hydrated to keep it healthy and balanced at all times. At the Einstein Initiative we have found that water is the best liquid one can drink because it is the most natural. Our veins are like rivers and our chakras are like our lakes and keeping this energy and water flowing within the whole body will maintain a healthy balance throughout. We also believe that our bodies are strongly connected to the land, and in essence, to the spiritual energy force of Mother Earth.

Eating natural foods is much better for the physcial body as this will give healthlier energy and life force to it.

Negative aspects

We have returned to the earth plane for many different reasons. Not only is living a spiritual life important, so is living a physical life. There is no right or wrong way to live your life nor is there a manual of what path you should walk on. You live your life the way you want to. However, there are certain elements of our physical and material lives that have negative effects to our spiritual progression.

What you can expect to learn at the Einstein Initiative School

Our physical bodies

Universal law- Karma.

What does karma actually mean?
Learn about cause and effect theory
Learn about natural- balancing theory.

The spirit.

What is spirit and who are we?
Why return to the earth plain? What is our mission?
What is the spirit world made of?
Are spirit born?
Learn about the ‘Tree-line Theory’.

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