Friday Night Service

Every Friday: Friday evenings is our Trance and Healing Service. Our in- house Trance Mediums are Steven Hemingway and Chris Stephenson. Please note that this is a Full- Trance service. If you would like to know more about how trance works or what it entails, please browse our website for more information. Please bring a question as there may be an opportunity to ask spirit a question.

Our upcoming guest Trance Mediums


Fridays 7.30pm -9pm Trance Mediumship & Healing Service

(new to the centre)

Friday 13th May - Guest Trance Medium - Aiden Hall
Friday  20th May - Steven Hemingway
Friday 27th May - Chris Stephenson
Friday 3rd June - Steven Hemingway
Friday 10th June - Chris Stephenson
Friday 17th June - Steven Hemingway
Friday 24th June - Chris Stephenson
Friday 1st July - Colin Greenough (new)


Please join us every Friday Night at the Purple Mountain Spiritual Centre Fleetwood. We host weekly trance and healing services.

Every Friday Night - 7:30 start.

£5.00 donation at the door unless its a special

Free Tea/ Coffee and cake after the service.


Want to know more about Trance Mediumship?

Check out our You Tube Channel

Check out our You Tube channel- Circle of Light Einstein for more information on Trance Mediumship.


Our in house Trance Mediums:

Steven Hemingway

Chris Stephenson


Here are a list of guides and teachers that have come through our Trance Mediums

Albert Einstein

White Eagle

Little Raven

Red Cloud

John F. Kennedy


Want a one to one trance reading?

Trance Readings

"An experience lasting a life time"

How does a trance reading work?

The trance medium has to prepare spiritually and physically several days before, as it takes much energy to do trance mediumship. We are all spirit within a physical body, and trance is where the mediums spirit leaves the physical body and allows another spirit to enter the mediums body.

What can I expect in a trance reading?

Every trance reading will vary from one another because we are all different spiritually and physically.

How long does a trance reading last for?

Trance readings can last up to one hour. Spirit will know when the reading has finished.

Who will come through and speak to me in a trance reading?

This will depend on who wishes to speak to you, if this is a family member, healer, guide or even a spiritual teacher this will depend on the vibration and strength of the spirit and of course the trance medium. Remember nothing is guranteed.

How much does a trance reading cost?

All trance readings are £40.

To book your trance reading today contact Roy on:

- 07946386740-

How to find us

60 Bold Street