Light Matter


The universe and all that is within in it is made up of energy, matter and light. Therefore, the human body too is made up of energy, vibrating at different rates and frequencies. The human body is controlled by the spirit, which is made up of pure energy; energy that cannot be destroyed or changed. Auras are simply the energy signature that is being emitted by the spirit through the physical body. Everyone has a spirit and therefore everyone has an aura. The aura has often been described as the energy force field of the physical body. Like the earth, it has an invisible force field that protects itself from dangerous levels of radiation from the sun.

Can you see the light radiating from the person within the chair?  

Most people cannot see auras until they are spiritually aware. However, with plenty of meditation you may then be able to see, feel and sense auras. Just by touching someone you are able to pick up peoples emotions and that is because you are touching their aura. The aura emits different colours at different times of the day and of course, with different moods and attitudes.

The Earths aura

Ecto-Plasmic-Energy (EPE)

Commonly known as Ectoplasm, this is a substance or energy which is created by the spirit who wishes to enter the physical body of a medium. EPE is a mixture of the mediums energy, which is physical, and the spirits energy.

The physical body of the medium has been prepared by spirit over a period of time and consists of fifteen types of different energies to make it happen in relation to EPE. This is the manifestation of spirit where the spirit wishes to show themselves in a physical way.

EPE is physical energy which is solid, can be touched and has a smell. The most important access point is the mouth. When you see EPE being released from the physical body it takes much energy from the spirit to override the energy of the medium and to turn the combined energy into EPE. It is then released from the mediums body, usually through the mouth, and at that point it will then create the energy for the manifestation of spirit, commonly known as ectoplasm.

Introduction to E.P.E.

If a person decides to use their physical body for E.P.E to occur, what are they using?


You have the person sitting in a chair as the physical medium and he closes his eyes and goes into a meditative state ready to depart the physical body.

Then you have the spirit standing behind the medium ready to enter the physical body. The physical body has been prepared by spirit and there are 15 different types of energy to make this happen in relation to E.P.E. You have a spirit wanting to show themselves.

What type of energy is the spirit using to do this?

Their own. They are using it as a catalyst for stage one of the process using their own energy to enter the physical body when the spirit of the medium has departed. This theory is called, The Spirit Detachment Theory. This process is delicate and is not the same as when you are sleeping because the white chakra, which is the umbilical cord for your spirit, is detached and attaches itself to the incoming spirit wishing to use the physical body of the medium. The spirit can then speak through the physical body but you will not see anything, only hear the voice. You will need to be spiritually aware enough to recognise that it is the spirits words that are being spoken or the mediums. Your feelings will tell you what is right and what is wrong.

What would the physical medium expect to feel?

The medium should feel the Solar Plexus chakra and if they do not feel the pull then it is not right. The sitters are all connected to the mediums physical body like a spiders web and this creates the energy and emotion you feel to know that it is right and the bond of the sitters becomes stronger.

So now the spirit is connected to the physical body and if the medium has prepared themselves correctly over the previous two days with eating and drinking correctly then the process of creating E.P.E. can begin. The most important access point is the mouth. When you see EPE being released from the physical body it takes much energy from the spirit to override the energy of the medium and to turn that energy into EPE. It is then released from the mediums body and at that point it will create manifestation of spirit.

What you can expect to learn at the Einstein Initiative School

The Sun Energy Theory

Universal Law and Natural Law

Others areas and topics discussed at the School of Energy

  1. The cause and effect theory.
  2. Learn about reincarnation and past lives.
  3. Learn how we are interconnected with one another.
  4. The power of the mind and spirit.
  5. The yin and yang.
  6. The universal law of progression and degression.
  7. The law of free will.

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