Light and Dark

Light and Dark energy types

White Energy

What is White Energy? It is a representation of pure energy and contains nothing, yet everything.

Spirit, is white energy, and the colour is diluted from white to shades of creams and greys as it passes from the spirit through the etheric body surrounding the spirit which in turn is surrounded by the physical body.

Black Energy

What colour is Condensed Energy? It is black.
How is the colour black made? It is made with all colours, which is energy, condensed down to one colour, which is black energy.

Spiritual Energy

Dark matter is a combination of all light condensed into one.
Light matter is the purest form of energy and contains nothing, yet everything.

Physical Energy

This is earth plane energy as it were.
White Energy is a combination of all the colours blended into one.
Dark Energy is absent of all colour.
Physical Energy is also called Kinetic Energy.
So matter, or energy, are opposite in terms of spiritual energy and physical energy.

The Light

The light in the spirit realms is pure love. To progress, teach and to help yourself and others in spirit and on the earth plane. To progress yourself to higher realms as your love and understanding grow to a more heightened state.

The light on the earth plane is in the love and compassion we show and the willingness of a volunteer to help our neighbours. To love others regardless of race, colour, sexuality or creed. To try to live a good life and lead by example.

To respect all living things, animals, nature and Mother Earth itself.

Our light is the true spirit within and the love emits naturally. We are all spirit in a physical body.

The Dark

The dark in the spirit realms is that of manipulation, greed and selfishness. To not progress but indeed try to go backwards. To try to disrupt the bright lights of the world from doing good.

The dark on the earth plane can be seen everyday. The greed and power that has engulfed many leaders of the world, past and present and the suffering of those in the war torn countries The damage done to wildlife and nature, the cruelty to animals.

We see good and bad in the world everyday. Try, whenever someone makes you angry or hurts your feelings to send love and light out to that person. They will feel the benefit and so will you as the anger within ourselves will only dim our own lights. It is a challenge we all face to love and forgive.

We all make mistakes in life and no one person is perfect, but it is how we learn from those mistakes that counts. To move forward you must realise you cannot change the past but you can learn by your mistakes and change the future.

"Fight the good fight with love and light".

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