Giving messages

and Music Messaging

Passing on messages to loved ones on the earth plane can be an extremely rewarding process. A medium, in many ways, can change a persons life through those messages from spirit. One simple word can have an effect on a persons emotions and their life. Therefore, the responsibility of a medium is extremely complex and an important one. It is vital to know who your guides are and to recognise their feelings so that you can transfer what they are saying or impressing you to say to the people. Remember, spirit also work in many different ways and levels too and it is important to know and feel how they work too. 

"Know your guides and workers before you start working as a medium."

Spirit guides have one purpose, which is to support you as you discover the true meaning of your life, especially when you are starting to take your first step in mediumship or any other form of spiritual work. No matter who your guide is, you can rest assured that they are there to offer you unconditional love and guide you towards your fullest potential.

There have been misconceptions as to whether or not a medium needs to know who their guides are. When a person starts working as a medium, there will be many in the world of spirit who will want to work with them. The way the process works is quite simple. A medium is simply a vessel between the spirit world and the earth plane. When a medium stands up in front of an audience, there will be many spirit wanting to draw close to the medium. The mediums guides responsibility is to speak to loved ones in spirit and pass on that message to the medium.

This connection has to be just right otherwise the message can be distorted, or in some cases, wrong. It is important to familiarise yourself with your personal guides who are working with you in your mediumship. Through personal experience, a medium can have two guides working in different ways. Physically, evidence must be brought forward to give proof that what the medium is saying is right. This will open the link further between the medium and the person the medium is giving a reading to. Then, the message can change to one of a more spiritual nature. Spiritual readings should be considered important and in some cases, more important. 

This can be in the form of healing and inspirational words given from spirit to pass on to the person who is receiving the message. In terms of evidence or proof, a spiritual message can have a much more life changing effect on a person because it can really touch their soul and emotions. 

Not to know who your guides are can be very confusing in mediumship development. The more you connect yourself to spirit, the stronger the message will be.

The importance of meditation through mediumship

Meditation is a very important part of mediumship development.  There is a misconception that meditation is not needed for a medium. However, we strongly suggest that meditating is an important step in being aware of spirit workers, inspirers, teachers and guides. Remember, the stronger the link, the better the communication will be and meditating regularly will help you link in ever closer to the spirit world.

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Music Messaging

Music has been a leading topic in much of our research because it has many positive benefits to the physical and spiritual body and of course, the mind. We have been experimenting with music in many ways and during this process we have listened to a variety of different types of music and songs. We have placed a list of songs and music on this web page so that you may understand why some of these pieces of music have been chosen.

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An overview

Music is a universal language that has been shared by every person, community and society throughout human history. Music is perhaps one of human kinds most precious achievements and has brought us closer to our innermost emotions and of course, our spirit. At the Einstein Initiative we have been experimenting with music and how it can affect the human mind, body and spirit. Our results have been surprising and we continue to investigate how music can affect the spiritual heart positively. Music is comprised of different vibrations, melodies, tones, and harmonies. However, each piece of music is different and has different effects on various types of people. So, what makes certain pieces of music have more of an effect on the human spirit than others?

Physically, we recognise the vibrations from the music that travel to the human ear which then transmits those vibrations and signals to the human brain. What the brain does from there is interesting, yet, there are many aspects of this physical transformation that scientists are yet to understand.

What we do know is that music and sound has an effect on our innermost emotions and spiritual heart. Our experiments show that music has the ability, not only to affect our emotions, but also affect our intellect and psychology on a very profound level. Music can also assuage our loneliness and incite our passions in life. Perhaps music can bring balance and order to our minds because we live a very chaotic and stressful life. At The Einstein Initiative we strongly believe that music has a direct effect on our spirit. We may listen to music on many different settings, either alone, or with other people. We may listen to music because it gives us pleasure and this setting will of course depend on our mood and emotions at that time. We all know that music can change our mood and in many cases help us recover from physical, emotional and spiritual injury. Therefore, music can be classified as a tool for the self-healing process and we strongly recommend listening to music because it has many major benefits.

Our experiments have also indicated that music can cause us to recall memories that can be either good or bad, but this will depend on the type of song and meaning of the piece of music. A piece of music will have a different effect on one person than it would on another. One person may find one song or piece of music more emotional than another but why? We already know that soothing music is known to ease stress because it decreases the levels of stress hormone within the body. Some scientists have already discovered that music can help and strengthen the immune system and increase memory and language skills.

Many musicians, such as Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson were highly spiritual people that came back to the earth plane to inspire the world with their music. Unfortunately, the materialistic and physical aspects of our world can, and do cause even the most enlightened of spirits to stray from their intended pathway. 


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