"Why do we dream? Why do we have the need to dream?"

Interpreting dreams has been going on successfully for centuries and was considered quite normal in the ancient civilisations of places like China, Egypt and Greece. Educated, much admired and respected philosophers of the day would perform this service. It has been given importance and credence throughout history in most cultures from small indigenous tribes to the vast Native American nations. Dream telling was accepted as the norm, as part of their culture and heritage and a way of life.

"Every single person on earth enters a place called the astral planes when they sleep."

Reading dreams is a form of mediumship in that the interpreter is working with spirit to try and give you the message that might be held within your dream. Rarely are the messages in dreams sensational but can be informative and a source of comfort and reassurance for mind and body. This reassurance comes from knowing that no matter how dramatic or frightening a dream can appear, there is usually a rational explanation when viewed from a spiritual aspect as opposed to a physical one.

"Learn about the relationship between the physical brain and the spiritual mind and how they re-enter and compress all the information into one file."

So, if we try to take our dreams literally it can give us false and misleading information. For example, if you dream that you have lost a front tooth it doesn’t mean that you are going to lose one but could mean that you have recently lost a friend or loved one and you have been conversing with them on the astral planes. When you wake up, the brain confuses the situation and signals the loss as a front tooth.

"There is no such thing as a dream dictionary. Learn the truth about dreams and their meanings."

What you can expect to learn at the Einstein Initiative School

  1. Learn what dreams mean.
  2. Learn the true meaning of what dreams are.
  3. Learn how to read horoscopes.
  4. Learn how to read dreams for yourself.
  5. Learn about the importance of meditation.
  6. Learn what specific symbols in dreams may mean.

Here are some of our dream interpretation examples, written by our dream interpreter - Jimmy Gilliard.

Dream 1

"For the last seven days I have had a recurring dream that I have lost one of my front teeth. I am finding it quite upsetting because my teeth are very important to me, not only cosmetically but also for my career which is health and beauty. The dream is really vivid and like I say, pretty upsetting."


I would say that you have almost certainly lost somebody close to you very recently and the missing tooth is symbolic of this loss. When you sleep at night your spirit is with the person who has physically died, but who is alive and well in the spirit realms. As you return to your physical body, ready to wake up, the missing tooth is simply your brain confusing your loss as something very important to you which is the missing tooth.

I think once you can accept this interpretation of your dream, it will stop, and that you can be reassured that this special person who has physically died is safe and well cared for in spirit. I hope this will also now give you peace of mind. Good luck.

(The client later confirmed that her grandma had died two weeks previously and the dream has now stopped)

Dream 2

"Last week I had a dream that has really been sticking with me and I have no clue what to make of it. I'm posting this in the hope that you can help me out. The part that has been bothering me involved two fish in a bowl. I'm not sure what type of fish they were, they weren't goldfish but some kind of pet fish. Anyhow, a friend of mine (someone I know in waking life) walks up to me on the street and hands me a fishbowl with two fish in it. The water is extremely dirty but she assures me that the fish are alive. For some reason I decide to put one of the fish in my mouth and then spit it back into the bowl to see if it’s really alive, it was dead. Both of the fish were dead. Any thoughts?"


You don’t actually say but I think you are in a relationship with the girl in your dream. I also think that although the girl is saying all is well, you yourself not only think this relationship is at an end, but want to end it. Because the fish are not the goldfish you would expect in a bowl, but other pet fish, indicates that this relationship isn’t normal. It could mean it is from a distance, an internet relationship but more likely illicit, hence why you are anxious to end it now. You meet on the astral planes when you sleep to discuss the situation. You are adamant that you want to end this relationship but I think the girl is trying to cling on to it.

The dirty water in the bowl is indicative of how unclear and murky this relationship is and you putting one of the fish in your mouth indicates that you think it should end.

Your spirit, your inner self, knows that the right path for you, indeed both of you, is to end this relationship and your dream merely confirms this.

Dream 3
"A young lady told me of her dream which she found understandably most upsetting. Her last memory before waking up was that all her teeth were falling out and she was desperately trying to scoop them up and put them back."

This is a fairly common dream and usually means that the person is desperately trying to save a relationship. The relationship in question could be with her partner, parents or even siblings. When she sleeps she is with the person concerned and discussions continue on the astral plane to resolve the situation and her brain confuses the memory hence what she dreams.

Dream 4
I keep dreaming I am falling off a high building. As I wake the sensation of falling makes my stomach turn over and I wake with quite a start. It is a bit scary actually.


I feel you are at a crossroads in your life. I would say you have a decision to make, sooner rather than later, and this decision carries an element of risk. I don’t mean a physical risk but rather a path you want to go down but are hesitant because at the moment your life, although very predictable, is safe and secure. This pathway, and my guess is a career move, will take you out of your comfort zone but deep down you really want to go for it. Your spirit is telling you that this is the right move. You have many discussions on the astral plane with trusted advisors and all the advice points you to the new pathway. Follow your feelings.

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