Inspirational Writings


The strength you show and light inside, makes your loved ones look on with love and pride.

An unbreakable bond of truth and light, drawn together to fight the good fight.

As you battle with love through the darkness of night, never forget to hide your light.

Reuniting loved ones together after years apart, bringing bright lights forward from the dark.

To help spirit come forward and remember their past, to know that memory will not be their last.

To bring foward their loved ones to guide them away, from those who have controlled them for many a day.

We have been by your side as we work together, guiding you to those who need you now more than ever.

We work together warriors of love and light, bringing those from the dark to the warmth of the light.

Written By Christopher Stephenson, Inspired by Joseph.


A guiding light to shine the way, to shine for all for everyday.

To help our friends in times of need, no matter what colour or creed.

To draw the strength from those around, and help them up from the ground.

To set them free like a dove to the air, always knowing they have your love and care.

A simple thing for everyday to do and not to say.

To love as one and shine your light, not to battle war or fight.

To show your strength and love inside, to help those that you will guide.

Join as one and come together, you have my love and strength now and forever.

Written By Christopher Stephenson, Inspired by Joseph.

I want to forget what has happened today.
A day not to be forgotten but forgiven.
I can only look upon the mirror and see my own reflection.
That is what I see and therefore the words that I speak.
Now I do not feel anger against, but rather feel that I have made,
Now that anger has gone, I only feel love deep from within.

Written By Steven Hemingway, Inspired by spirit.


Sorrow is pain.
Pain is sadness,
Sadness is how I feel every day.
Where are you my soul mate?
Where can I find you?
Am I supposed to find you?
Have I seen you before, touched you, felt you close by?
I walk through crowds of people and feel nothing but sorrow.
I am lost without you my soul mate.
I will promise you that I will be faithful only to you,
And my heart and soul will always belong to you.
I may feel sadness, pain and sadness,
But I have hope that soon I will be with you once again.

Written by Steven Hemingway, inspired by spirit.


I could never feel envy for my family or friends as my love wishes them only the very best in their lives.
Is all envy negative? To look at an elderly couple holding hands in the park and wish one day at that age you still have that love and companionship.

Most envy is felt through our own insecurities.  Not what we wish to have, but what we hope to feel and experience.
We must always to be aware to control this through as it can lead down a negative path.  Envy can hurt others.  Those who wish to have what others do not have at any cost to their love ones will have to judge themselves eventually in this life or the next.

Insecurities can lead to envy, which can lead to negativity.
So you must also learn to love yourself as well as loving those around you.

Written from the heart: by Christopher Stephenson.


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

Beauty is completely dependent on your state of mind.  When you are enjoying yourself with family, friends and good food a sunset on the horizon becomes beautiful sight to behold.  If you keep the right state of mind everything you come across will be beautiful and therefore by filling your mind and thought with beauty, you will become a beautiful person.

Written by Wendy, Inspired by spirit.

Some of our many experiments that help enhance spiritual and physical abilties.

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