“Energy can be created but not destroyed and can be changed to any form and meaning.”- Albert Einstein

We are a home school dedicated to the understanding and recognition of the presence of physical, scientific and spiritual energy and how it is all linked. We try to show that these various energies overlap and blend together rather than remain individual and stand alone.

We endeavour to take away the mystery of, amongst other things, paranormal energy and activity and show that it is something not to be feared, but embraced. We will strive to unravel, explain and simplify the many misunderstandings and theories surrounding this exciting field of fundamental human existence.

Understanding the simplicity of spiritual truths and how they often walk hand in hand with science is a fascinating concept to which those here at the Einstein Initiative subscribe to. It is our fervent wish to help all mind-sets gain understanding, truth and spiritual gain in an increasingly difficult world.

This school takes much inspiration and guidance from the teachings of many famous and accomplished scientists and philosophers who have passed to spirit. These people now have the realisation of life after physical death upon entering the spirit realms and wish to carry on their work with a more open and understanding mind.

They now work in hand in hand with what most people would regard as the more recognisable sources of spiritual wisdom and knowledge, Native America, Egypt and the Eastern influences of China, Arabia and all other ancient civilisations.

This unprecedented coming together of so many great minds is a realisation of the importance to prove conclusively the existence of life after death and help mankind and the world at a time when it is needed most. That science, philosophy, spirituality and simple wisdom have come together as one is indeed a major step forward for humanity.

Walk with us on this journey of enlightenment.

Grow together.

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