"Learn to ask for help. Spirit are all around us and they will help us whenever we ask for it. Never feel you are alone."

Inspirers are spirits who draw close to us in certain situations to help and guide us with inspiration hence, inspirers. Woman call it intuition and sometimes it is called a gut feeling. This is what you get when you should do something, or not, as the case may be. You will know if you have made the right decision because of your inner feelings and the outcome of the situation. If you decide to go on a new path in your life such as a new interest, vocation or anything to do with learning, a spirit with the same interests will draw close to you and try to work with you by inspiring you.

"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it."

You must also be aware of the darker side of spirit and inspirers which most sites and people shy away from. When your life starts to take a downward turn, your inner light darkens and that is when what we call, unenlightened spirit can draw close to you. They will try to impress on you to do something that is totally out of character for you, thus darkening your light further.

The most common of these symptoms is depression where you just go down and down. Anger is another symptom where you can do something that you would not normally do. It is sometimes said about murderers that they were such a nice person and not capable of doing such a thing but quite often the underlying symptoms were that they had been depressed for a while. Also, that can happen with suicides, where people close to the victim did not realise what a depressed state they were in. Why we say victim is because they had basically been inspired by an unenlightened spirit to do what they did so had no control over their actions, which is why it was out of character for the person concerned.

"Only those who dare to fail greatly, can ever achieve greatly."

So, no matter what goes on in your life you must always try to keep your inner light as bright as you can so you cannot fall under the influence of these types of spirit. You have your own guide and inspirers to help you but if you are full of self-pity, which can lead to depression, they find it difficult to get close to you to help in that situation so you must try to meet them half way. It is a constant battle between light and dark so, be aware and shine when the sun doesnt.

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Different Types of Healing

Different types of healing: There are three type of healing techniques recognised within Mahannah healing.

    • Contact healing.  This is where you physically touch the patient.  This is considered the most effective form of healing.
    • Distant healing.  This is where you send out healing energy through a meditation or by simple thought.  Thought is an energy force and which can be transferred from one person to another over vast distances.
    • Absent healing.  Remember not everyone will want to be touched.  This is where as a healer you will either stand or sit near the patient and send out healing energy to the patient.