Healing Guides

"Healing guides work purely for love and the will to heal others. The energy human beings create through love and compassion is very powerful. To use it to help other people creates even stronger bonds and energy."

When going down the road of healing you need love and compassion for your fellow man which everybody has in different degrees.
Even the act of giving a child or adult a cuddle in times of stress, when they cry, or because of a situation that has upset them is a form of healing. As you start doing healing work you ask for a spirit to work with you.

There will be one who steps forward to do that and as you progress you will find that other inspirers will come forward to work with you. In the end you will all be part of a team.

The team works as one because one cannot do without the other. The spirit healers use the universal love, which is energy that is all around the universe, which they pass on to the healer in the physical who in turn passes that energy on to the patient. From spirit, through spirit, to spirit. In our opinion the most rewarding part of working with spirit is passing on this energy to help others.

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Over the years we have had many inspirational guides and healers draw close to us and have helped us bring the Mahannah healing closer together.  They have shared much of their knowledge and wisdom with us within our spiritual circle.  Natsuki and her partner Matsimoto are two of many healers that have communicated with us over the past three years.  They are from Japanese origin and they brought forward some ancient as well as some modern healing techniques from across the world.  However, the story really began with a healing guide that came through our trance medium many years ago.  Her name was Mahannah.  She came on a very cold and pure vibration. She was part of a people that we call the Bakou.  They lived on the earth plain over 2.5 million years ago.  They were in essence our ancestors, a type of homosapien.  They had a deep connection with mother earth and could communicate with other animals and other plant life such as trees.  We now understand that they had seven spiritual senses.  Over many years we as a human race have devolved and beginning to lose our spiritual senses.

Healing Book

"The healing book is created so that our healing guides and workers can send out spiritiual healing to those that are important to us."

A healing book is a book dedicated for those that need physical or spiritual healing. We place those who are in our thoughts and those in need into this book and ask our healing guides and inspirers to take healing energy to those who need healing at that time. Remember, healing is a powerful form of energy and considered to be the most beautiful and loving form of spiritual connection to come from the heart and soul. 

If you know someone who needs some spiritual or physical healing, email us and we will place those in your hearts and minds in our healing book and send out a prayer for them.

The power of prayer is an extremly powerful form of energy

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Big Ben Oki- Healing Guide

Ben Oki is a spirit healer that has drawn close to our circle and circle sitters for many years now.  Ben Oki was part of the Aboriginal tribe in the land we call Australia.  He has a soul partner called Pinterree which means star that shines bright in the night’s sky.  Ben Oki explained that there was a special meaning behind his chosen name.  Names are very important to spirit because it identifies who they are.  It is also important to us in the physical because it builds an even stronger bond between us and the guide.  As we have lived many lives we have been given many different names. 

Like many other spiritual healers, their passion is to bring healing into the modern world.  Ben Oki is only one of many spiritual healers that draw close to the Earth plain in the hope of helping and guiding us to a better and brighter future, free from war and suffering.  Spiritual healing has been a big part of our spiritual work for over 30 years.  In this, many other spiritual healers have helped and guided us with our healing work.  Healing comes in many forms, and like Ben Oki he has much knowledge and wisdom behind the power and influence healing can have to our minds, bodies, and spirits.  Ben Oki has a deep understanding to our connection with Mother Earth and the natural medicines she so freely provides.  Ben Oki often speaks about how deeply we are connected with Mother Earth and the lands in which we live upon.  Our relationship with our lands must be better understood which is critical for our survival and our future.  Indeed, it is quiet ironic how ancient cultures got many things right where we are getting so many things wrong considering our technological and scientific breakthroughs.  We have much to learn from our ancient tribes and ancestors such as the Aboriginals.

Healing comes in many forms and the highest form of energy anywhere on Earth is love and compassion for another human being.  But what is love?  How can one measure love?  You cannot see love or hold love, but everyone has experienced and felt love.  One must only open their hearts and believe in the love inside them.  True love comes through selfless acts of kindness and compassion not only for another human being but also towards all life.  Animals, trees, plants, flowers and even Mother Earth has a spirit.  If we can all accept that we are all spirit within made up of light, then surely we can accept within our hearts that we are interconnected by this light.

Often you will find many Aboriginal men and women naked or barely covered by any clothing.  No shoes or clothing covering their bodies.  A true testament they seem in a strange way completely free.  Ben Oki often described that they would often walk for hundreds of miles across the lands and costal pathways in search of knowledge, food, water, and other tribes.  Ben Oki often enjoys walking, using his large stick as a walking guide.  He is often seen by some circle members standing on one leg holding onto his stick, looking and smiling at us.  He seems to bring much calmness and stillness into our minds when drawing close to us.  His warmth and strength has often helped us in difficult and uncertain moments within our spiritual work.  We know Ben Oki is never far from us, guiding, and inspiring us every day.  He seems to do his spiritual work quietly and always being there if we fall.  Walking barefooted across the lands is something Ben Oki and his people often did.  The heartbeat and warmth of the Earth could be felt.

Ben Oki has lived many lives in the country we call Australia.  This was before the white man colonised the lands, a time of stillness and harmony.  This was even a time when strange animals lived upon the lands of Australia, animals that have now become extinct.  This was also a time when the sea levels only started to rise, the time when the island of Tasmania began to split from Australia.

Ben Oki and his people did not have a written language but they would often share knowledge and teachings through paintings, art, and song.  Some songs would last for hours and days at a time.  Maps and water holes was memorised using songs.  These songs and words would be passed down generation after generation so that their secrets would never be forgotten.  Even today, many Aboriginals will use this as forms of communication and passing down knowledge from one person to another, a true tradition that has not been lost. 

Music seems to be an integral part of Ben Oki and his people.  Ben Oki once said that everything around us makes a sound.  The sea, the sky, the forest, the animals, the mountains, the valleys, and the deserts all make forms of sound.  Like many Aboriginals, they could understand these sounds and interpret them both physically and spiritually.  It is just many of the people of mankind today have forgotten this.  It seems we have completely switched off from the world.  

Like music, art was also an important part of the everyday life of many ancient Aboriginals.  There seems to be a great misconception that our guides, healers, workers, and other spirit friends are constantly by our side.  Ben Oki, for example, has a deep passion for healing, helping, and guiding those in the physical.  Ben Oki once explained that even though he was only a thought away, he still had other work to do.  He would often visit other Aboriginal tribes that still lived in Australia.  Ben Oki said that there is still many in his native land that is suffering.  Like the Native American Indian culture, it was nearly wiped out by the white man, but people often forget this also nearly happened within Australia.  One of the biggest problems facing many Aboriginals tribes is alcoholism.  “We cannot change the past, we can only change our future” Ben Oki told us once. 

People often forget that we have all reincarnated many times.  However, we have also lived and progressed within the spirit world too perhaps as long as we have lived on the Earth Plain.  Ben Oki last lived on the Earth Plain, about 5000 years ago.  5000 years seems a very long time.  Remember there is no time in the spirit world.  Ben Oki also had been a personal spirit guide several times.  As he has progressed in the spirit world, he has learned much from those he encounters befriends and meets upon his travels.  He has visited many places in the world but the east Australian coast seems to be the place he finds most comfort and peace.  His most recent inspiration is in the quest of helping heal those that have cancer.  Certain herbs and roots, native to his lands are much better suited in healing the physical body.  But unfortunately many of these ancient remedies and cures have either been lost or hidden away. 

“There is a great battle being fought within the world today” Ben Oki once told us.  There are those that are trying to help the weak and sick and there are those that try to profit from their suffering and pain.  Ben Oki continued to explain that the cure for cancer has been found many times, but whatever reason the cure has been hidden away and this has deeply saddened many spirit healers.  Even today, there are many ancient tribes that have a much deeper and clearer understanding in how beneficial herbs, roots and other natural plants can have for the physical body.  

Bringing healing into the modern world has become an integral part of the spiritual movement.  Our greatest wish is to encourage and inspire others to pursue into spiritual healing.  It is spirit’s greatest wish to bring about peace and harmony once more upon the Earth Plain.  Through healing, we will come to understand and see within our hearts that we are all brothers and sisters and are part of one family.