Healing - An overview of our healing practices

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What is Healing?

Overview study

Healing is the end product of the manipulation of energy by spirit from the Universal Energy which abounds throughout the universe.

It is the highest form of energy which we have given a name to and that is Love.

The energy is channelled through the physical body by means of the spirit through the spirit to the spirit whether the spirit is within a physical body or on a spirit vibration.

Everyone is capable of connecting to and using this energy we call love.

If you have the love and compassion within your heart  for your fellow human beings, animals ,plant life and mother earth, whether in the physical or spirit.

Some think that you have to be a healer to do this wonderfull work which is incorrect.As long as you have the love and compassion for the lifeforce or spirit that you are sending this energy we call love too, is all you need.

You do not even need to be in the same room,Town,County,Country or Continent to do this work, the power of positive thought is enough which is healing.

Healing always works physically and spiritually even though you may not be aware of the benefits to the physical body at the time of the healing, but it is the spirit within that is aware and knows.

A question that I' am often asked is; Why would I give healing to the terminally ill?

The simple fact is that the healing energy strengthens the spirit ready for its journey home.

"Remember that healing energy is never wasted"


"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate; our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be?"

Nelson Mandela

Physical healing consists of manipulation, implementation and stimulation of the mind and the physical body. We can physically enhance the wellbeing of our bodies by combining spiritual energy and physical practices as ways to heal the body and in some cases, the mind. Sometimes, medicine and medical practices are not enough to help the body fight infection and help it heal. At the Einstein Initiative we recognise that the mind is a powerful component to help heal and de-stress the body. Moreover, if the spirit is strong and spiritually prepared, it can achieve anything.

some of our healing techniques

Some of the many ways healing can be implemented

We have been experimenting with various spiritual practices to see if they do truly work and our results have been interesting. We also strongly believe that the body is made up of energy, vibrating at different rates and frequencies. The body is made up of spiritual energies too because the spirit lives within the body.

"Spiritual healing can be defined as giving balance of the mind, physical body and spiritual being."

our healing tree of life and love.

This is a relationship you will form until the day you physically die and your spirit moves on. Using various methods and techniques we have combined the practices of spiritual and physical healing to get a stronger understanding of how the body and mind truly works. We all have the ability to stimulate and manipulate this energy force for the benefit of healing through love and dedication.

"Spiritual healing in all its fundemental concepts is a natural energy therapy that complements convential medicine by treating the whole person."

We all recognise the term healing, when used in the context of physical healing but it is important to remember that whilst we need to take care of our physical bodies, it is imperative that we pay attention to our spirit also. If our spirit is strong, we are able to cope with any physical problem we may encounter. Many people will have received healing in one form or another and most believe it is the person administrating the healing who is the master of this gift, when in fact, it is the spirit who draws close to administer the healing. The process is thus; from spirit, through spirit, to spirit.Therefore, you will be able to see that this is a three way process and one that is truly inspiring. 

see through the window of healing and blue.

Another form of healing is that of, "absent healing." This process can be done by anyone, at any time, at any place, whereby we send out positive, loving thoughts to those that need them. This brings us to the subject of those we consider to be a bad or evil person. For example, it is difficult to send out positive and loving thoughts to the murderers, rapists, sex offenders or those that abuse children. We also hear of people in prison who say they have, "found God." Often it is the case that they have had time to reflect and judge themselves for their actions and the spirit within is becoming stronger. 

"Spiritual healing is considered one of the most powerful forms of energy in the universe."

We can all send out our thoughts to those that have committed these crimes so their spirit will become stronger and brighter, thus trying to make the world a much brighter place. 

Perhaps the most difficult task of all is to help people to look into their subconscious mind and try to break down the barriers which have taken them on to this terrible pathway in the first place.
Physical healing has become much more accepted over the past few years and is a relatively new concept in the areas of healing.

The next step is to enlighten people that this healing process starts from the spirit within. For example, that of a child who is sick and it is hard to understand why this sometimes happens. In this case, it is the physical body that needs the healing which is down to the medical profession to come up with a cure. Sometimes, if the cure does not work, the child will go back home to spirit. The loved ones left behind, such as the parents, will need spiritual healing as it is important for their spirit to stay strong to stop them falling into depression.

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Did you know

  1. Spiritual healing has nothing to do with religion. Spiritual healing is based upon guided principles of love and healing energy from the higher realms.
  2. Spiritual healing has been practiced for thousands of years.
  3. Did you know you can practice healing on your pets and other animals.
  4. Did you know a prayer is a form of healing energy.
  5. Healing can be used to prepare people who are waiting to return home to spirit.
  6. Everyone has the power to heal. Anyone can become a healer.


blue energy.

Healing energies

The human body is like a machine. It is made up of different types of energies that keep the physical body alive. The structure and network of energy that flows throughout the body is a relatively complex system. Only now are we beginning to piece together and understand the relationship of the body and spirit form. We also need to consider external variables that affect this relationship.

Vibrational and frequency mechanics (VFM)

Vibrational and frequency mechanics is rarely understood, especially within spiritual concepts and theories. At the Einstein Initiative we believe that vibrations and frequency mechanics play a crucial role in the understanding of the human body. These are the areas in which VFM is linked to healing. Chakras.

VFM can also be brought forward in the understanding of different levels of consciousness, levels that separate this dimension from the next (i.e. earth plane and the astral plane) and the vibration that binds our universe together.

We continually reinforce the importance of spiritual healing and how healing can have a profound effect on the physical body. Our healing practices have been put together and used to help patients with specific spiritual or physical problems. We do not guarantee that our healing practices and approaches directly eliminate physical problems, however, we are continually adapting, progressing and learning new ways in which to produce the best possible results.   

Are you passionate about healing? Do you want to become a healer? Then check out our course and information page. We offer exclusive places.

walk with us......

Those that have made a difference to our lives

Part of the healing page is dedicated to the people that have made a difference in our lives. They have been there for us, guided us, helped us and most importantly, loved us in every single way and have had a profound effect on our lives. Our school would not be a living and breathing reality without the help and guidance of these loved ones who have gone home to spirit. 

There are many family and friends who have gone home to the world of spirit and we miss them dearly. However, we know that they draw close to us every day, helping us, guiding and teaching us to become more aware of what we do and how we teach others. We are in the process of dedicating a section of our school garden in remembrance of all those that have made a difference in our lives. Here are some of the people who made that difference.


Remembrance of a loved one in spirit is an emotional subject. My Soul Partner went home to spirit in May 2011. This was the most upsetting and emotional time of my life even with the knowledge that I have concerning the process of why we are here and when we leave our physical bodies to return home.


We lived our physical lives together for 42 years. The last 30 years we lived, worked and played together. We had a challenging and exciting time together. She is only a thought away. You still question yourself about things and you will always miss that physical touch. But I sleep well at night safe in the knowledge that I see her on the astral level. So to all of you out there, I hope that is a comfort to you in similar circumstances.


The memory of my mother is one of deepest love, total respect, pride and gratitude for being such a great example of all that is good in a person. I describe her as the finest woman who ever lived and I say this as one who has never met or heard of any to equal her.

It was her sheer goodness of heart and her unselfishness in all that she did in her conscious and unconscious effort to help others that endeared her to everybody. Her children and her grandchildren will tell you they miss her every day. She is talked about everyday too.

If I described her life from childhood to passing home to spirit at 91 years of age I dont think I would be believed. It was just so incredibly hard, especially her early years but I never once heard her complain. It is a comfort to me that she at least had the quality of life she deserved in the last quarter of her time on the earth plane.

Her example as a life model is a legacy to me and others to try and follow. Although we could never come close to the standard she set us, it has put us on the right path. I can feel her gentle chidings now as I write this because I know she will be uncomfortable with any form of praise or recognition. God bless you Ma, you are the most loved person I have ever known, or ever will.


My grandfather had a profound effect on my life. He had much time for me as I grew up and we would take long walks to the beach and walk around the local golf course and we would talk. He would speak to me as an adult, not as a boy. He always treated me with love and respect and I learnt many things from him that I carry with me today. Although he passed when I was 21 years old I still feel his presence to this day and everyday.


Best Friend

In remembrance of my best friend Anita, who was my confidant, my stability, and most of all, my inspiration and continues to be so. She will walk with me all my life, and I know she will continue to help and guide me always. I miss you my dearest friend and I thank you for letting me be a part of your life and introducing and helping me to understand and appreciate the spiritual work which I do now and will continue to do in the future.

Until we meet again my friend, my love and friendship always.


My grandfather has always been an inspiration and a father figure to me all my life. Sadly, he went home to spirit a few years ago and I miss him and think about him all the time. My grandfather was a very practical and hardworking man and worked extremely hard to support and love his children and his grandchildren which I know he loved very much. He was a very wise and honest person which I admire him for and hope I shall one day become just like him, Ich vermisse dich kleiner Opa.


If you would like us to place one of your loved ones within our healing book or remembrance garden please email us with details and information.


In loving memory.





Healing Pratices for Mahannah Healing

After care: Healing cannot be rushed and each healing treatment will vary from one person to another.  Some patients will need more than one healings session and this will depend purely on what the problem maybe.  Healing can take time.  However, as a patient they must do their part too.  It is no good giving someone healing and then that patient continues to ignore or cause further harm to their ailment or problem.  As a healer you must do you part as advising and guiding your patient as best as you can.  Remember you are not a doctor and you must be careful when advising them with specific issues and problems. 

Prevention rather than cure: Many health organisations now concentrate on how to prevent illness rather than finding the cure.  Mahannah healing recognises this philosophy and we try to share some of these basic philosophies and teachings to our patients.

Trust your feelings: It is important to trust your feelings at all times.  Even though the healing techniques are to be followed step by step, this may not always be the case.  During a healing session you may be impressed to work a little different.  You will know which areas you need to work on and always go with your feelings during the healing process.  Remember just because a patient may have stomach problems do not mean that there are blockages within the solar plexus area.  The root of the problem may actually be related to the upper back area or may be related to the sacral chakra.  Mahannah healing techniques are there as a foundation for healers to use and work with.

Personal responsibility as a healer:  You are always responsible for your actions and behaviours as a healer.  Always ask permission to touch the patient.  Inform the patient what the technique you are using and what it entails.

Why not join us on a saturday afternoon 2:00-4:00 pm at the Purple Mountain Spiritual Centre Fleetwood for some spiritual healing?

If you would like to know more about how the healing process works or would like to simply gain more knowledge and understanding about healing then visit our course information page. We offer a variety of different healing courses and workshops.