"Our job is simple. We conduct our research to determine if a building or place is actually haunted. We then help 'clear' and rescue the spirit by using various techniques and methods."

There are lots of different opinions on hauntings which you may have read about but we can only talk of our own experiences. It occurs when the spirit leaves the physical body after death and does not go onward to the dimension it is supposed to for whatever reason that may be.

Why would a spirit haunt a building?

The spirit is not trapped close to the earth plane as people are led to believe. It is there because it wants to be, and there are many different reasons for this. It could simply be that the spirit does not believe it has passed over and the physical body it once inhabited is not dead. It could be that the house or area that the spirit lived in whilst in the physical body was very dear to that spirit and it does not want to leave. That, and the fear of the unknown, are the most common reasons why a spirit will not move on.

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The use of technology

Part of our on-going research process has been to try and find technology that can provide more data to prove that spirits/ghosts do actually exist. Many claim they have caught ghosts on camera but sometimes this is not the case. With the right equipment, one can determine whether or not the camera has indeed picked up a ghost or whether it is simply some form of spiritual or physical energy. Here is a list of equipment often used within paranormal investigations.

Also often used

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  1. How to become a ghost investigator.
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What did we mean by?

Did you know

The corrrect word to descibe a ghost is a spirit.

Did you know that spirit are everywhere? Ghosts (spirits) choose to stay within the earth planes vibrational level and frequency.

A haunting can take place anywhere - a house, a factory, a train station or even an airport.

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Ghost hunting and paranormal investigations

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