"Knowing your guides and teachers can be one of the most exciting and beautiful feelings in the world."

There are many different types of guides. There are personal spirit guides, teachers, inspirers, healing guides, family members, and animal guides. Just like on the earth plane, people have different jobs and responsibilities and this also applies to those in spirit as well. There has been a misconception of the types of guides who can draw close to us. We do not necessarily have to be aware of our guides unless we are working spiritually, such as mediumship etc. It is, however, interesting to know who exactly draws close to us and works with us. We will have many different guides coming close to us for many different reasons in our lives. It is good to remember that we are never alone and we should never feel we are alone.

People use different terms and names to describe what guides are and what they do which can sometimes be confusing. Guides are simply, "guides" who walk with us on our earthly journey and they will draw close to us at different times and parts of our life. There are also many people who are not aware of spirit around them but they can feel them. Guides are there to help and guide us on our journey and to sense, feel, and in some cases see them, is a wonderful experience. If we ever need help, feel down, or need some sort of assistance then we should ask for our spirit helpers and workers and they will come close to us and try to help.

What you can expect to learn at the Einstein Initiative School

Frequently asked questions

  1. How can I contact my guides?
  2. Can animals be my guide?
  3. Is there such a thing as angels?
  4. Can spirit guides come to me in my dreams?
  5. How important is meditation?
  6. What are guardian angels?
  7. Why do people in spirit want to help me?
  8. How do I know I am not imagining my guides?

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