Field Trips

"Life is about learning and building upon new found knowledge, expanding the human mind and sharing this new found knowledge with the world."

The most important aim in all our reseach is finding the truth and answering some very important and complex questions the world has been asking for centuries. Are we alone in the Universe? Does God really exist? Is there life after death? Do we have a soul? There are also many other important questions that need answering, especially in the areas of energy, vibrations and frequencies. With the help of spirit, our fellow scientists and spiritual teachers we can combine our efforts to try and search for these questions and unravel the truth.

"Question everything you see, feel and experience."

Why are field trips so important? Field trips are important for many different reasons but they are especially useful when wanting to prove or disprove some basic, simple, or in some cases, complex theories. Field trips are also useful because it gives a clearer picture as to what we are actually feeling and sensing and to try and understand those feelings. We often compare what we have experienced in the field to our laboratory experiments.

Our first international field trip was to Berlin, Germany. Our main aim and objective was to gain new experiences and gain new knowledge so that we can further our research.



The Brandenburg Gate


The area of Adolf Hitlers Bunker


Part of the Berlin Wall


Jewish War Memorial


The German Parliament

Here are some of the many areas we have investigated.

And much more

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Poulton Crematorium 2014.  Evening field trip. 

Have a look at some of these photographs that were taken.  What do you think?  What do you see?



Do you want to be part of these amazing and exciting field trips? These trips are designed simply to enhance your spiritiual and scientific understanding in the areas of energies, sensing and experiencing.