"Think beyond the boundaries of oneself but use the full potential of oneself."

An experiment is an orderly procedure carried out with the aim and goal of verifying, proving or establishing the validity of a hypothesis. Experiments provide insights into cause and effect, demonstrating what outcomes occur when a particular factor is manipulated. Each type of experiment varies depending on its goal and of course the aims and objectives of the study.

"For a long time, spiritual concepts and theories, especially in the areas of the paranormal and hauntings, have been ridiculed by the scientific community based upon mystery and scepticism. We want to change that and prove that life after death exists."

We recognise there are many different types of experiments. Some of our experiments are more controlled than others, but we would like to think that the majority of our experiments are natural by nature. We also recognise that controlled experiments are difficult to measure. Natural experiments rely solely on observations of the variables of the system under study rather than the manipulation of just one of, or a few variables occuring in controlled experiments.  

"Remember, your science is determined by your consciousness."

"People often refer to science as a form of religion. In actual fact, science and spiritualsim are not very far apart."  

Some of our experiments to try and enhance students spiritual abilities.

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