What is reincarnation?

At the Einstein Initiative we have found that reincarnation can be a very emotive but fascinating subject with all sorts of understandings, and we believe, misunderstandings associated with it. All are worthy of discussion and consideration in our search for spiritual truths. The ideal, we suppose, is finding something that we can believe and feel comfortable with.

We will say straight away that we have no doubts whatsoever that we reincarnate back into this earthly school of life and learning. We do this as often as we feel the need to, remembering at all times that we have free will in all of the processes.

We do not believe, as some individuals do, and even as some religions do, that we reincarnate as animals, insects or any other form of life, only human beings. What would be the point?

Our love for the animal kingdom is great and our respect for it knows no bounds. Our animal friends through their intelligence, courage, incredible loyalty, name what you will, are an inspiration to us. As human beings, we can learn much from watching them, being close to them, forming great unbreakable bonds with them and loving them to distraction but, we would learn little from being one of them.

Some would perhaps disagree with us and cite karma as a reason to reincarnate, as say, an insect or other such creature.

Karma itself though has to begin within - the need to want to put right that which we may feel we have got wrong and not some divine judgement, intervention or proclamation that says you will put right that which you may have got wrong. We think though that what you give out, be it love or a more negative energy, so you will get back, but that is more down to Natural Law and not Karma.

Our spiritual beliefs are based on simplicity, believing all spiritual truths have a simple explanation. Once we are comfortable with the idea, indeed the fact that we are a spirit within a physical body and it is the spirit that animates that body, everything else will fall into place.

The need to reincarnate back to the earth plane is a decision taken by yourself but with much discussion with trusted friends and loved ones in spirit. These discussions are based on how you feel you can best learn and progress in a physical life again. It is a fact that we can progress perfectly well in spirit, and many choose to do so, but there are lessons that can be learned better and so much more quickly in the physical.

If we perhaps take up the story soon after we have physically died and gone home to spirit and go on from there, it may be possible to paint a simple picture of how it really is.

First we are reunited with all those we love. Family, friends, the person who chose to guide and walk with us through the earthly life we have left behind, the many helpers who joined in along the way as each facet of our lives began to unfold - so many wonderful people who have come to mean so much to us. Much joy, happiness and tears as we meet them all again. Also, some we meet for the first time.

After many years of work, rest and play in spirit, the feelings may start to gnaw away at you about all the things that you still need to learn on the road to spiritual progression and perfection. Although you are so happy in your surroundings, a decision must be taken eventually to return to the earth plane or stay where you are. As a rule, the more spiritually enlightened we are, the longer we will stay in spirit pondering and making sure we get this decision right. A less enlightened spirit would tend to come back far quicker because they would have more earthly emotions and would miss the materialism and the physicality.

After we have finally decided that we will return to the earth plane there then comes all the preparation.

And so the physical life starts all over again, and us seemingly ignorant of what this earthly life entails. Rest assured though my friends that all the knowledge, all the experiences you have both enjoyed and endured over many lifetimes is to be found within. You didnt leave it behind in spirit, you brought it with you. Hopefully, as you travel this earthly pathway, you will bring forward this knowledge to help and guide you.


The chosen star- Poem

Written By Steven Hemingway

In the spirit world I now reside,
After 10,000 years I have lived and died.
No time here to age us old,
Memories made, stories forever told.
Soon I will take the hardest road of all,
This will be time when I must stand proud and tall.
Returning to a place like no other,
Choosing a new family and new mother.

The spirit within burning brighter each passing year,
To return on the Earth plain to face my fear.
A place of dreams and colour beyond imagination
My time has soon come for another reincarnation.
New adventures and dreams ready to sail,
Ready to take the first step back, my only wish is to never to fail.
A new life filled with mystery and unexpected pleasures,
But this will be a new adventure filled with golden treasures.

Unbroken heart sworn to fulfil the spirits eternal flame,
To return once more to a family who will give me a new name.
This burning desire deep inside,
Teachers and inspires there to help and guide.
Courage and strength given by all my friends,
New roads to take with many twists and bends.
Freewill that binds all decisions and roads I take,
Creating new memories that I shall make.

Drawing closer to the world that so many return,
Learning tolerance and patience is what I must learn.
Stepping closer to the bright blue sky,
Soon I must step away and say good bye.
I search a thousand stars my search never ending,
I stand beneath and see so many spirits ascending.
Like the flickers of a thousand moons,
The womb of my mother will give birth to me soon.

Meeting with this shining light,
A new mother that will teach me from wrong to right.
Upon the astral plain we shall meet,
Doctors that are there to check my fluttering heartbeat.
My mother who has chosen me as I have chosen her,
To love each other with loving tender care.
Nine months they say I will be born,
And this month will be when my family in spirit will morn.

   Having to say goodbye will be the hardest thing of all,
But my guide tells me that she will be there to catch me when I fall.
I know I have taken a journey that many others to not wish to take,
They say they will look out for me and never to forsake.
Leaving behind my life of happiness and joy,
My mother and father have now discovered I will be a boy.
Claiming the vessel as it now belongs to me,
I surround it with my vibration and set the light within free.

Like a grasshopper that is hard to catch,
I must be quick to choose my vessel so I quickly attach.
No other spirit can take this vessel as it now belongs to me.
Soon my mother must push and count from 1, 2, and 3.
Months have passed and all things look well,
My mother’s stomach begins to further swell.
My final preparation is under way,
The doctors say I will be born on the 4th of May.

Soon the time will come when I must no longer visit those above,
For I must learn to live within this vessel and learn to love.
To strengthen my link with my shining light,
So I can give her comfort at night and keep her light bright.
A gentle kick and push to say I’ am not far,
My mother now speaks to me to say I’ am her brightest star.
Reaching down I can feel her hand pressing against mine,
I want to speak and tell her that I’ am fine.


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