Energy types, both physical and spiritual, is one of the leading topics in all of our work, designed to prove or disprove some of the very basic and complex questions people of today have and we try answering them in a very simple yet interesting way. We are in the beginning stages of providing scientific evidence to prove our theories are right, or in some cases, prove they are wrong.

One of our sitters. We were experimenting on wet energy.

Energy can be classified into many types. We are also beginning to discover new energy types and concepts such as wet energy, dry energy, dark matter and light matter energy. Some of these energies are visible but others you must tune in spiritually to feel them.

Can you see the different string energy forming across the whole picture?

At The Einstein Initiative we have developed methods, skills, and techniques in harnessing this amazing ability so that you can begin to feel these different types of energies that are all around us. Energy, in all its concepts and classifications is all around us, visible and invisible to the human eye. 

Here we were experimenting on different colour lighting.  What can you see?

With your help and support we strive to bring about a change that is essentially needed within the scientific and spiritual community to prove that life after death exists and clearly prove our theories of the paranormal and the unknown are right, or in some cases, are wrong.

Can you see the blue string energy forming?  String energy in actual fact is transparent.  It only radiates different colours depending on lighting and colours that bounce off the string energy particles.


Vibrations and Frequencies

There has been a lot of talk and discussion in the areas of vibrations and frequencies particularly in the paranormal community and within our work. 

Low vibration = High Frequency = Negative Spirit.
High Vibration = Lower Frequency = Higher Spirit.

Higher spirit lower their vibration to connect with us here on the earth plane. The universe is a heavy, condensed vibrational frequency but does not mean that it is negative. It is in the middle between light and dark energy, which is within everything.

However, what is vibration?

There are many forms and levels of vibrations within the physical realms. You can relate this to the physical body as dark matter or dark energy. The spirit is light matter or light energy. The universe, planets and all that is matter, protons, neutrons and so forth is heavy energy known as dark matter.

What makes one person different from another person?

Each persons physical body is the same and is made up of dark matter. When spirit enters, which is light matter or energy, it is the mixture of light and dark matter within the physical body that makes us different from one another. Therefore, you will emit different frequencies depending on your level of spirit or, to put it in simple terms, how bright your spirit is.

Can you see the 'ring of dark' enegry around the hands?

Did you know?

And much more

A high pitched whistle can be an unenlightened spirit drawing close and a lower pitch can be a higher spirit drawing close. Your ears are one of the senses you have for picking up frequencies. When light and magnetic energy are combined you will see different coloured lights, such as in the northern lights for example, you cannot feel it but you can see it. You talk on the telephone but you cannot see the signals or energy, but it is there. This applies with the aura emulating from the physical body, it emits different colours at different times depending on the energy. This also applies to absent healing because when sending thoughts out to the person requiring the healing, the thought energies created are changed to a frequency that can be picked up by the spirit of the person receiving it.

Can you see the blue string energy forming?  String energy in actual fact is transparent.  It only radiates different colours depending on lighting and colours that bounce off the string energy particles.

Princess Diana was a very high spirit and like all high spirits, they emit a low frequency which most people in the world picked up on. So, when her spirit went back home to the spirit realms, that was why there was such an outbreak of emotion throughout the world shown by people who had not even met her. Their own spirit had picked up the loss of the vibrational frequency given off by such a high spirit here on this physical level. That also is what occurs with families when a close family member dies and goes home to spirit, because they not only miss the physical touch but also the vibrational frequency that was given off by their loved ones spirit.

This is an interesting picture.  Can you see the string energy forming at the side of his head?

When you are thinking of a loved one who has gone home to spirit and you suddenly get very emotional out of the blue as it were, or you are daydreaming and you get emotional. Or, you wake up from sleep crying, or with a tear in your eye, that is your spirit that has picked up the vibrational frequency of a loved one who has drawn close to you once more. Your spirit never forgets and is always aware.  

This picture was taken within the physical room.  We only use two light sources within the physical room as part of our experiments.  With the help of spirit, they will manipulate conditions of the room.

So, to simplify it even more, it means that you have to tune in to higher frequencies and vibrations; you have to tune in to feel them.

Healing energies - The physical body

Can you see all the residual energy forming?

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