Earth Energy

"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed."

Mahatma Gandhi

Animals have a spirit and are all on their own spiritual journey of progression. They are also capable of linking into the vibrational energies that are around them. The cobra, for example can detect the energy shifts in the earth in relation to earthquakes up to two weeks before the earthquake occurs. The earth is a living planet, has a magnetic field and emits different forms of vibrational frequencies which can be accessed by ourselves and animals.

We are not the only life forms that can communicate with each other on this earth plane. When we as humans are happy and contented, animals, plants and trees can sense this by picking up our positive higher vibration rather than the lower darker vibrations when we are feeling down and negative.

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Ley lines were once considered a myth but many people are now starting to accept that ley lines may actually exist. At the Einstein Initiative we firmly believe that our planet has a spirit. Ley lines are simply like veins and arteries consisting of energy flowing right across the planet.

We are all interconnected one form to the other.

Everything on Earth is connected, physically and spiritually

The Ripple Effect Theory

The earth emits different energy signatures around the world; these are called energy ley lines. They have been described as energy vessels. These vessels change all the time. We describe these changes as the Ripple Effect. It is called the Ripple Effect because like the sea, water is constantly rippling across oceans, going up and down. The moons gravity pushes and pulls the water of the earth causing tides. This is because other energy forces affect the movement of the earth, both external and internal ones.

The spirit of the earth has a constant battle with external energy forces. Remember, that we are a spirit within a physcial body. Look how hard it is to control our physical needs and how often we allow our physical lives to control our spiritual intentions. Now, can you imagine this on a planetary scale like the earth. However, what makes us spiritually different to the earth?

The Ripple Effect shows that the spirit of the earth has many layers. Its ley lines (vessels) are its veins and "blood line." We believe that the energy of the ley lines ripple at high speeds and stretch across miles of land and sea. In simple terms, the Ripple Effect argues that the actual ley lines or energy vessels are constantly changing, rippling at different directions and speeds.

Just like the chakras of a human body, each chakra emits different energy signatures quiet similar to the earth theory. For example, the energy in the North Pole is different to the energy within Egypt or South Africa because each different ley line emits different vibrations and different energy signatures. Remember that the world is physically changing, adapting and evolving too and the spirit of the earth will adapt to these changes.

We cannot see these energy vessels with our physical eyes because the earths energy is on a very low vibration and very high frequency. However, we can train our bodies to link in to these ley lines and vessels through various techniques and methods, especially in the areas of meditation. Many ancient civilisations built their temples and structures in line with these ley lines and vessels. We are still trying to piece together why they did this, but what we do know is that at, "specific junctions" where ley lines meet, the actual ley lines cause mass amounts of energy to be ejected.

At this point, we already know that the earth can, "digest" and swallow negative energy and we have seen this within the Williams Effect Theory. Why the earth does this can only lead to the fact that the earth is aware of positive and negative energy forces caused and emitted by human beings. (See more on the Williams Effect in the energy section.) This leads to our final point. In relation to the Ripple Effect, the ley lines or vessels are the key components in swallowing and digesting the negative energy. Remember, that trees and plants can help do this and can quicken the process.

Overview of the Ripple Effect

  1. Closely related to the Williams Effect Theory.
  2. Ripple basically means movement.
  3. Levels are often referred to as, "Foundations."
  4. Ley lines are often referred to as, "Vessels."
  5. The earth has a spirit.

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The Migration Adaptation Theory

If you can imagine it, the world is divided into light and dark. There are good people and there are bad people all across the world in every country and in every city. Countries have progressed.

Electro Magnetic Energy - The Physical Body

The body is made up of cells of all descriptions which in turn are made up of atoms on the molecular level. So, you have all these things spinning about and have you ever thought about what keeps it all together such as the organs of the body, the bone structure and the blood. All living things are the same and it is magnetism that keeps it all together.

We will use the blood as an example which is made up of two elements, plasma and corpuscles, which vibrate at their own frequencies. They create their own colour of energy which is red and blue and to stop the plasma and corpuscles drifting of on their own, they are encircled with magnetic energy, which is green energy. This binds the elements together, which is what happens to all living things animated by spirit.

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The physcial Plain, Astral Plain and the Spirit Plain.


(1) The Physical Plain of existence.

(2) The Astral Plain.

(3) The Spirit world.

(4) As you spiritually progress your light will brighten and you will move up within the spirit world.

(5) The spirit world is also made up of thousands of different levels, often referred to as ‘foundations’.

(6) The vibrations and foundations at the bottom of the pyramid are often much heavier than those at the top of the pyramid.

(7) Each level is made up of different vibrations and different shades of light and dark.  The further you progress the brighter the light will be.