Dry Energy and Orbs.

Dry Energy (D.E).

Roy, one of our sitters, sitting in a deep meditation.  If you look closely you are able to see some residual energy forming by his hands.  We have concluded that residual energy can emit different colours and vibrations, however, the principles are the same.  Here we used a basic camera to capture these pictures.

Dry energy is first thought of as an absence of wet energy within an area or environment, such as the physical room. For dry energy to exist, wet energy must first exist as well because it is the water particles that make the environment suitable for physical manifestation of spirit to occur. There are two types of dry energy foundations and we are only in the beginning stages of discovering how this new type of energy is related to the development of our physical room. With the help of spirit, we are piecing together this new, fascinating and exciting path that will lead us to prove that life after physical death does indeed exist.

Steven one of our trance mediums having a go sitting on the physical chair.  Look at the energy forming all around his body.  You can see Steven moving out of his physical body.  Or is it another spirit that has drawn close?

Before one can understand what dry energy is about, one must first understand the foundations of the wet energy theory.

Dry energy is basically a condition of the environment that spirit create so that specific spirits can work in, or in our case, where specific energies can be created. Remember, that specific conditions create different forms of energy types. The more water molecules there are in the room creates another type of environment, hence, another form of energy is created.

Can you see the string energy forming all around the room?

Let us have a look at dry energy specifically. We have all felt the conditions of a room when it is very dry. Dry conditions create certain environments and many associate dry energy with warmer or hotter conditions. This may be true, but colder conditions and in some cases below freezing conditions can create very dry conditions too.

Creating the exact conditions suitable for physical manifestation of spirit to occur can be very difficult indeed.

Dry energy is an energy molecule that surrounds the water molecules and in turn creates a condition that feels physically very dry. The temperature during these conditions varies, depending on what type of work is being conducted at the time, for example, rescue work.


Creating a condition suitable for different forms of spirit to work in or creating specific energies. These energies can only be created through certain environmental conditions of the physical room.

Orbs Theory

This picture is very interesting indeed.  You can see strong string energy forming at the side of the chair.  Here we used steam to manipulate the physical room conditions.  We have some interesting results as you can within this picture.  You can also see residual energy forming too at the right hand side.

This phenomenon is spirit. They are simply a portal from one dimension to another. Every dimension is separated by an energy field, and spirits going back and forth punch a hole through the barrier making a portal between the two dimensions. They can be many colours, but usually blue, and the reason for that is because it is the reflection between three sources of energy. The energy from the spirit, the light from the other side of the portal and the light this side of the portal all combine to make the colour.

This picture was taken at one of our field trips to the local graveyard in Fleetwood.  We capture these pictures.  You can see various lights formed in the distance.  What can you see?

There is a reason why orbs are different in size. It is because time is slower in the spirit world and there is no gravity. Time and space in the universe is slower than on the physical earth plane. So, when entering from the spirit world to the earth plane you are constricted between the gravity forces of the two. Therefore, it is the amount of time we follow between the two forces so we need more or less energy to go forward. So, you would use more energy leaving the earth plane to the spirit world because of time and gravity than from the spirit world to the earth plane. So, orbs are bigger going back to the spirit world because the spirit has to use more energy to punch through the energy field.

This picture was taken at the local beach.  As you can see, millions of orbs.  However, we believe that they are something much more than Orbs.


Overview of what Orbs are

"Spirit passing from the spirit realm to the earth plain has to pass through a veil of energy which separates the two dimensions and vice-versa. Which cause the orbs as we call them but which are just the energy portals through which the spirit have passed".

Some of our first pictures taken 2012.  As you can we began to experiment using various lightings.  Can you see the massive orbs created at the top of the picture?


Did you know?

Once spirit have gone through the energy portal and physical vibration (earth plain) this creates a special energy in which we call orbs. Spirit can therefore manipulate and move this energy very quickly at any times. Therefore those that have seen orbs on a camera will know that orbs can move either very quickly or very slowly.

Some of our first pictures taken 2012.  As you can we began to experiment using various lightings.  Can you see the massive orbs created at the top of the picture?

What happens to the orb once the spirit has returned back to the spirit vibration? The orb will quiet simply disappear. Like steam, it will dissipate into our environment. If we are lucky enough we will be able to capture orbs moving with our cameras and video recorders.

At the local beach in Fleetwood. Again many Orbs.

Imagine orbs as being doorways where spirit will enter in and then walk through it and then to return they will move into another door. This energy type is similar to residual energy but orbs are more condensed and strong because of the higher vibration the energy is formed.

What can you see within this picture?  At first we thought this picture was out of focus.  However, we soon realised that what we saw was three types of energy: orbs, residual energy, and earth energy.

The relationship between the spirit world and the earth plain also needs to be understood because we are all interconnected in a very special way. We all know that all our loved ones and guides are close to us at different times in our lives. Our loved ones and guides can see us, feel us and communicate with us in different ways. They will draw very close to us. Some spirit whatever reasons that may be will choose to enter into our physical earth plain vibration. We also know that loved ones will visit us at different times. Depending how close they are or what type of work they are doing will depend whether or not they will create orb energy.

Do you want to know more about orbs? Or dry energy? Then check out our course and information page for more information.