"The importance of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind."

Sigmund Freud

Dream interpretation, or dream telling as it is sometimes referred to, is a fascinating insight into the workings of the spirit and its relationship with the physical body. Dreams are memories from the astral planes, the spheres our spirit visits and wanders when we sleep.

"Dream interpretation or dream telling has been going on for thousands of years and is considered one of the oldest forms of mediumship in the world."

A common misconception is that certain dreams always mean the same thing regardless of who experiences it. No dream interpretation is set in stone. Images and scenarios can mean different things to different people. Once explained, in simple terms, dreams can be quite informative and give an indication of not only favourable pathways to take on this earthly journey but also help in solving problems that could or have occurred.

"The beauty of dreams is that they have no religion. Every man, woman and child dreams."

So, awareness of what your dreams hold is a simple spiritual truth and can open the mind to other spiritual knowledge and enlightenment. The real meaning of your dream, however small the interpretation may be, can sometimes take you forward on this earthly journey and may even help you find a path you did not know was there or possible.

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Jopie- Dream Guide

Our friend Jopie was a Native American Indian who last lived on the Earth Plain many hundreds of years ago.  Jopie still represents himself as a Red Indian and his soul partner Silver Fox always walks by his side.  Like many Native American Indians, Jopie and his partner Silver Fox still live the Indian way within the spirit lands.  One of simplest of spiritual truths is that there is freewill within the spirit world.  But what does this mean?  You can do what every your heart desires and you can have whatever you wish.  There is no law that dictates to any spirit within the spirit world that this is what we must do and cannot do.  Over 36 years of communicating directly with spirit, we have often found that all spirit friends that have spoken to us have represented themselves to us with specific personalities and character.  They still wish to show themselves to us the way they used to be.  Just like Jopie and Silver Fox, they both still want to be an Indian because that was when they were happiest.  Of course reincarnation states that we have lived many life times and therefore we have been many different people at different times in our history. 

Jopie drew close to us in our spiritual circle many years ago in the hope of sharing his knowledge and wisdom with us.  When Jopie last lived on the Earth Plain, he lived among his tribe in peace and harmony.  Like many other Indians, Jopie had an important role to play within his working tribe.  His tribe was nomadic which meant he was on the move regularly either because of the seasons or to search for food.  Jopie’s tribe was part of the Lakota Sue Nation and many of the Lakota people built and lived in large tepees that could be dismantled in minutes.  They did not have horses like you see with many other modern Native American Tribes.  They used sledges and wooden slopes to carry their food, clothing, personal processions, and their tepees.  They often travelled for miles for new areas to hunt and gather food.  During this time of abundance, Jopie and his tribe would only hunt and gather what was needed.  “There was no need for greed or selfishness” he would often say.  No borders to divide tribes or the movements of tribes, Jopie, and his tribe would often travel as far North as Canada and Quebec.  Beautiful pine trees stretched for hundreds of miles.

In his early years Jopie was a hunter gatherer.  He would venture out for days at a time searching for food and hunting deer, rabbits and other small creatures.  “The forest would speak to us,” Jopie said.  Every noise and every sound could be interpreted and understood.  Mother Earth was talking to them, and this could be felt by many Indians.  As years drew past, on his last hunting trip Jopie fell and wounded his leg very badly.  He was taken back to his tribe and to the medicine man.  They prayed and asked the Great Spirit to heal Jopie and his wounded leg.  Like many Indians, prayer was an important part of the healing process.  As Jopie ley in the healing tepee for months, he felt helpless unable to help his tribe.  The medicine man would come daily to change his wounds and perform healing rituals that where sacred to his people.  His wound became inflamed and infected.  It wasn’t too long until Jopie fell into a deep sleep.  “This was when the Great Spirit spoke to me and I remembered a great white light surrounding my body.”  Jopie spoke about this vision in great detail.

Jopie climbed upon the sacred Blue Mountains and as he sat on the top overlooking the valleys and rivers, a black raven came to him.  The black raven gave him a black feather reminding him that the darkness will pass and that his time to re-join his earthly family would be soon.  The black raven said that he was up on these mountains as it was the tallest point between the earth plain and the spirit lands.  This was where Jopie was able to ask for guidance from the Great Spirit.  As the black raven flew away, a silver cloud appeared to him in the distance.  The silver cloud changed into a snake.  The snake said that he was the smoke and prayers of Jopie’s tribe and that his physical body needed much healing.  The silver snake said once his physical would be healed, Jopie would be unable to hunt again. 

This saddened Jopie.  As a gush of wind blew the snake away, Jopie heard another voice.  It was brown bear.  “I have followed you up this mountain so I may speak to you my brother” said the bear.  “I’ am the dream spirit of winter.  As my body lies sleeping I roam across this plain.  I return and teach others how to read dreams and I see that you need my guidance.”  The brown bear spirit continued to explain that he would help Jopie interpret dreams.  He said that this responsibility was of great importance and that many of his brothers and sisters would come to him for guidance and help.  The brown bear said that he would always come to him in the harshest of times particularly during the winter months.  “Now close your eyes my friend” said the brown bear.  “It is now your time to return back and tell your people that you have been given a great gift that has been bestowed upon you.”  Jopie opened his eyes, surrounded by his family and partner.  He soon explained his vision to his people.  Every year as the winter would approach Jopie would dream of the great brown bear.  He would awake from his sleep and talk to the Chief explaining where his tribe would find food and shelter.  In time, Jopie was highly regarded by his people, who would interpret their dreams and visions.  Jopie explained that dreams were of great importance and they should never be dismissed as they were messages from family and friends in the spirit world.

As many years went by, Jopie helped and guided and taught others how to read dreams.  This job became an integral part of the everyday life of an Indian tribe.  As Jopie returned back to the spirit world, he still held the passion of reading dreams deep within his heart.  As he now draws even closer to us, Jopie embraces those that have the ability to read dreams properly.  “You cannot read books to interpret dreams” Jopie once told us.  “It must come from within and these messages are not easy to explain.  Not many have this ability and this is why so many shy away from this form of spirit communication.”  Jopie and his beautiful soul partner Silver Fox, is one of many spirit friends that has taught us to always follow our passions and that someone will always be by our side to help us within our spiritual work.  No matter how hard the journey, we should never give up on our destiny and dreams.