Trance Mediumship

A little about Trance Mediumship

We believe in the importance of making trance and physical mediumship more public and better known within the wider community.  Trance mediumship has been a key to our spiritual development over the past 32 years.  We have also gained much knowledge and understanding with the help of many spirits who have come through and guided and helped us in our progression.

Due to the lack of public demonstrations, it is our greatest wish to share this amazing phenomenon with the world.  With the guidance of spirit we have held many different trance and physical mediumship demonstrations over the past six months with great success!

Many spirits, have come through and shared their wisdom, kindness, healing, knowledge, and understanding to try and guide us in our spiritual and physical journey.  Also, many spirit friends have come through in our spiritual circle, not only to communicate with us, but it is also hoped that their words of wisdom are spread across the world and shared to all mankind.

Spirit friends such as Silver Birch, Einstein, Darwin, White Eagle, Red Cloud, and many others have come through our trance mediums and shared their teachings with us in the hope of furthering our scientific and spiritual understanding.  Many people have asked why would a ‘famous’ person come through a trance medium and speak?  Why wouldn’t they?  We have been taught that there is no such thing as ‘famous’ in the spirit world.

We have always been taught that we are all equal, all brothers and sisters of this world and that many well-known teachers are in essence just like you and me.  However, what differentiate us to our spirit friends are their expertise, knowledge, and understanding.  More so, spirit believes in helping all of mankind.  The beauty of trance mediumship is that you never know who will come through and speak.

We have always been taught to keep an open mind and this is very important when sitting for trance or when witnessing trance mediumship.  Rather than just emphasising on what the spirit is saying, we always trust our inner feelings, which can never be fooled.


Our trance and physical events are designed not only to share knowledge and messages from the spirit world, but also create some powerful and amazing energy.  We have found that during a trance or physical mediumship evening spirit will find this as an opportunity to draw close to all those within the room.  What you will find during a trance demonstration is that you will start feeling different emotions and feelings.  During our special nights, many people have felt very emotional.  Some people have often seen the physical changes occurring with the trance and physical mediums.

We have found that trance and particularly physical mediumship is an important three part partnership.  It takes a lot of energy for the trance mediumship to occur.  It can take many years of practice and meditation to get to the trance process.  All those spirit friends that choose to work with the trance medium must also adjust their vibration and energies so that the trance process can work and even then trance is never guaranteed. We have always found that that we must do our 50% and spirit will do their 50%, and this is an important partnership.


Why not join us on a Friday Night at

The Purple Mountain Spiritual Centre Fleetwood.

Please join us every Friday Night at the Purple Mountain Spiritual Centre Fleetwood. We host weekly trance and healing services. This is open to the public and there is a £5 donation at the door which includes free/ tea and coffee after the service.


Every Friday Night - 7:30 start.


The Purple Mountain Spiritual Centre

Check out our You Tube channel- Circle of Light Einstein for more information on Trance Mediumship.