At the Einstein Initiative we endeavour to help the world and its people the best we can. The development of circles is one way to bring a group of people together, to quite simply sit and meditate and share knowledge and experiences. It can be a truly amazing experience. What can be accomplished and achieved within a circle can be astonishing, especially the amount of energy and love sent out to benefit the four corners of the world.

Firstly, you have to be aware of the spirit who will guide you on this journey of running a circle for the development of individuals who wish to progress spiritually and enhance their own lives in the service of others. A development circle is designed to help like-minded people become more aware of their own spirit and help enhance their spiritual gift or ability. A development circle is also designed to give your sitters a chance to discover more about themselves through meditation. By simply sitting around a table you will be able to share each others experiences and knowledge which is critical for your own development.

Starting off on your spiritual path is a truly exciting experience. What you will start to feel, sense and experience will only help you progress and understand more about life itself. Many people have often said it is a bit like coming home.

As a circle leader you have the responsbility to your sitters and their development. You are there to guide and teach what you know to the best of your ability. But remember, a circle leader is learning all the time too. For those wishing to go down this path of progression, they must be well aware of the responsibility they have in respect of dealing with the emotions and lives of their fellow spirits in their endeavour to help them.

We advise anyone wanting to pursue their spiritual or scientific path to start off within either a development or awareness circle.                                                              

What you can expect to learn at the Einstein Initiative School

Which gift have you got? Everyone is different. We are all unique and special. When starting out on your spiritual journey you are going to get very excited. You will be drawn and directed to the right people and places that will help you in your spiritual development. You may not even know what you want to do and may not even understand what you are going through in terms of your spiritual experiences. But, do not worry because the thousands of questions that you have will be answered.

Frequently asked questions. Have you had similar experiences?

At the Einstein Intitative School, we will be able to help you develop your senses and ablities to their full potential.

We believe the following areas are key in the development process.

  1. Meditation and concentration skills.
  2. Listening skills.

Some people will have more than one "sense" or "ability." Every person in the world has the capacity and potential to heighten one or more of their senses. Many, however, have either lost or forgotten to use their senses. We believe that we should embrace our spiritual gifts, for they are key to mankinds future and awareness.


Can see, feel, smell spirit in mind’s eye or physical eyes.


Can build up a picture of spirit through senses and emotions, also smells and fragrances. Physical feelings on how the spirit passed and ailments.


The ability to hear spirit voices either in mind or physical ears to pass on messages from those who wish to communicate.


The ablity to know certain things without being told. Often referred to as, "clear knowing."

What do we mean by?

  1. Gut feeling?
  2. Strange feeling?
  3. Empathy?
  4. Physical sensations.

At the Einstein Intitiative School, we have developed many different experiments/exercises that will help students enhance their gift and abilites further

At the Einstein Initiative School we offer a variety of different classes and workshops in the development of circles. Check out our course/information page for further details.