About Us

Who we are and what we do

We represent an organisation of like-minded people that strive to pass on the truth and teachings of spirit through human understanding of both scientific and spiritual concepts. We have a combination of over 80 years of understanding and experience in these concepts which makes our organisation unique, special, dedicated, committed and most importantly, qualified. 

We believe in the Power of Education. Education and sharing knowledge can help change the world.

This organisation is very real and our research is based upon valued principles and philosophies; that we are all connected both on a spiritual foundation as well as a scientific one and bounded by energy, light and matter. We bring scientific, realistic and simple concepts to all of our classes and combine spiritual understanding and experience so that all of our students and readers clearly appreciate our research, ideas and theories.

At the Einstein Initiative, our main principle is to learn, understand, share and experience through truth, love and honesty. These fundamental principles have guided us to become more aware and sensitive to the world around us, both physically and spiritually. 

We combine scientific and spiritual research and understanding to demonstrate how they work hand in hand. We use new methods and techniques in understanding fundamental spiritual and scientific principles and apply them to experiments, theories, issues and real life themes.

Our Promise, our mission.

Our quest for knowledge and understanding has been part of our mission for many years now. We are a charity based school pursuing the areas of scientific and spiritual concepts, ideas and theories. 

We have built this school to help educate, teach and guide people at all levels regardless of sex, gender, age, culture or background. We believe in the existence of the spirit.

Our main mission is the pursuit of truth. We strongly believe in the importance of education being the key to the understanding of some critical concepts about life here on earth and life after physical death and how they work hand in hand. We have combined science and spiritualism as a theme to all of our work for the purpose of providing scientific evidence to prove life after death does truly exist.

Our guiding principles

Keep your mind active.
Be as creative as you can.
Be open minded.
Question everything you see, feel and experience.
Never stop trusting but always trust with caution.
Thinking is more powerful than facts and figures.
Think outside the box.
Continue moving forward always.
Analyse everything.
How, why, when and what

Why us?

  1. Learn in your own time and at your own pace.
  2. Teachers dedicated to your success and needs.
  3. We are a diverse school of teachers, skills and expertise.
  4. We offer fascinating subjects to study.
  5. Levels that suit your needs.
  6. Quality courses you can trust.
  7. We have a combination of over 80 years experience.
  8. We offer good payment options and value for money course offerings.

Why meditation?

Meditation is something we believe to be very important. All of our work and ideas coincide with the practices of meditation and how it has, and will, continue to be an important component in bringing us closer to the world of spirit and of course, our inner selves.

We believe that if every single man, woman and child in the world meditated regularly it would be a very different place.

We recognise and accept that we live in a very chaotic and stressful world. However, if we meditated 10 - 15 minutes a day, the outcome could be enormous to the well-being of our mind, body and spirit. We cannot emphasise enough that meditation is one of many steps towards the creation of peace throughout our world. We have so much knowledge and love embedded within us that by meditating  it can help us become more aware of ourselves and help us understand the world around us. 

Our children are our future and by teaching and guiding them towards meditation it will help them build a brighter future for themselves, their children and their grandchildren.


Our Next Event will be held at 60 Bold Street Fleetwood


"Only at the Einstein Initiative"

Every Friday Night at the Purple Mountain Spiritual Centre Fleetwood:

Trance and Healing Service 7:30 start.

Open to the Public £5 donation at the door.

*Bring a question as they may be an opportunity to ask spirit any question that you may want answering.


Check out our You Tube Channel-

Einstein Initiative Circle of Light

For all updates and videos on Meditation and Mediumship

At the Einstein Initiative we believe that we should look towards a sustainable future, a future where everything is shared equally and where mankind lives in peace and harmony.  Mother Earth has a spirit too and we have been damaging the earth in many ways which needs to stop.  We do live in a very beautiful world but we are walking down a very dark path of destruction.  We believe we should invest in a greener and brighter future and invest in technologies that not only benefit a small portion of society but for the whole world including the Earth itself.  This is why we are strong opponents against fracking.  Fracking is a very dangerous method of extracting fuels from the ground.  It causes earth quakes and earth tremors that affect everyone on a global scale. 

Say no to Fracking!

Believe in a sustainable future

Invest in Greener technologies

Fracking is damaging the Earth

Our future and our children’s future is being jeopardised by greed and power by big corporate companies that have no care for the world or its environment.