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At the Einstein Initiative we teach and share our knowledge and experiences with all of our students. We are committed to providing a structured learning environment that is fun, exciting and rigorous so as to motivate and empower students and visitors alike. 

We devise various teaching methods designed to get the very best from our students to get them to think, explain and analyse what they see, feel and experience. 

We treat all of our students fairly and with the utmost respect. We create an environment where all of our students feel safe, welcome and free to express and discuss various topics, themes and issues.  We provide friendly advice to all those who seek it.

The courses and classes we offer require little or no previous experience in the subject area and they are a great way to start if you want to pursue a spiritual or scientific life. 

Why take classes at the Einstein Initiative?

The Einstein Initiative offers a variety of unique qualities that make our students stand out from the rest. Firstly, we like to make sure that all our students get the best possible experience during their time with us and take away what they have learned and experienced and use it wisely. We offer a perfect working environment in which students can learn, develop their skills and above all, have a great time.

We have the facilities and resources at the Einstein Initiative to provide all of our guests and students with whatever they may need in their time with us. We do not rush our students, they work at their own pace and own development. We teach, guide and inspire our guests and students in the areas in which they wish to understand, learn or experience. 

All of our teachers work differently and have different skills and knowledge in their area of expertise which makes our organisation different, unique and special. We are friendly and willing to help, advise and teach those that wish to learn.

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