"As a circle leader, you will be inspired to choose the right sitters for your circle. The circle leader will be responsible for keeping the circle in order and together."

You will start to have thoughts on running a circle so who is putting those thoughts there? It is usually the spirit who will be the spirit circle leader who will guide you in the work as you will be the physical circle leader. If you follow the spirit leader you will not go wrong, always be aware of him or her.

So, now you need to think about a working space and it could be a kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, cellar or loft. The room has to be big enough to suit your needs and the people you wish to invite to your circle. Whatever is good for you, is good for spirit. If you are lucky enough to have a spare room which is only used for circle, then that is great, and every circle leaders dream.

"The energy created within a circle is not only beautiful but can be very powerful."

So, for starters we will say the kitchen but this goes for all rooms of course and the first job is to clean and dust. Lay out your table with chairs for the sitters and have a writing pad and pen for yourself and each of your sitters. Have a jug of water and glasses on the table ready as it can be thirsty work. Plate up some biscuits and goodies for the break. No food to be cooked as long as possible before the circle as cooking smells can be off putting for spirit and your sitters. Now you have done your job, you leave the room and try not to disturb the vibrations in the room for a couple of hours before circle. Spirit are now doing their part in preparing the room for the work. You now have time to prepare yourself physically and spiritually ready for the circle.

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